What a two days the gomo team has had at mLearnCon in San Diego! With non-stop demos and some fabulous feedback, it’s been a great experience for us at this excellent event.

mLearnCon is a highly focused event looking at mobile e-learning in particular, making it the perfect platform for an adaptive and responsive HTML5 product like gomo. There were some wonderful speakers and sessions as well as a packed exhibition.

Almost everyone we spoke to had reached the point where they were planning their first mobile e-learning projects and they were actively looking for solutions. Most of them wanted something that had been designed specifically to create e-learning once only and content that worked across all their devices.

gomo was the talk of the event and very well received by everyone who saw it in action. We had queues of people wanting demos and barely stopped at all on day one. My talk on the New Possibilities stage was fully attended and generated lots of great questions.

Mike Alcock, Imogen Casebourne, Sherry Archer and Sean Nugent at mLearnCon 2014

The first thing most people said was ‘everyone’s talking about gomo – we have to see this product’. My thanks go to Mira Mendlovitz from Grainger and Robert Gadd from OnPoint for talking about their hugely successful use of gomo in delivering mobile apps (developed in gomo and delivered through OnPoint’s Cellcast solution) at their session on Wednesday.

The next thing people liked was how fluid and beautiful our adaptive and responsive courses looked on their desktops, tablets and smartphones. You can access our new demo course on any device to watch it adapt and respond to your screen before your eyes.

gomo demo course

Finally, they liked gomo’s ease of use, the fact that gomo is in the cloud and the highly competitive gomo pricing model.

We ended the two days very tired but with numerous enquiries and hopefully lots of new friends and customers.

For me, the icing on the cake was one of my last demos of the event. A very nice lady told me that she’d watched my demo on the stage on day one and then been to see every other vendor in the room. She’d looked at all the other products and concluded that gomo was absolutely the product for her organisation.

It doesn’t get much better than that to finish off two days of a fantastic exhibition experience.

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