It was a day of lively discussions and interactions at the recent gomo user group 2018, where several of our Enterprise customers came together in London to network, share knowledge and get a sneak peek at the gomo product roadmap.

The annual gomo user group, which is by invite-only, is an opportunity for Enterprise customers to have face-to-face access to the gomo management team as well as interact with learning peers and fellow users.

Users had the opportunity to ask questions, as well as discover how other gomo customers are creating beautiful, multi-device learning.

Attendees at the gomo user group 2018

Introducing enterprise video to the gomo user group 2018

The gomo team was particularly excited to introduce attendees to gomo video, our new enterprise video product, which allows L&D teams to create, record, repurpose, enhance and deliver video content with speed and confidence. Mike Alcock, gomo’s Managing Director, demonstrated gomo video to the crowd, which included representatives from EE, Santander, Shell, O2, L’Oréal, Rentokil Initial, KPMG, Domestic & General, Lane4 and BT.

As expected, gomo video was met with a lot of enthusiasm from the attendees, in particular for its ability to record your screen and package that as shareable video. Guests were also very excited about gomo video’s auto-captioning and rapid translation technology, which is powered by Google. Mike demonstrated the massive time-saving benefits and revealed how one gomo user had dramatically reduced their video transcribing efforts. For this customer, what once took 40 hours to translate can now be done using gomo video in mere minutes. That’s more than five days of valuable working hours saved!

The gomo product roadmap: a sneak peek at what lies ahead

After lunch, Gavin Beddow, Director of Product Development, presented the gomo product roadmap, a look at upcoming features and functionality. For Q4 of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, gomo is planning a number of exciting new features and enhancements. Some of these include:

  • SCORM 2004 support with enhanced CMI interactions
  • LikeRT scale interaction with xAPI tracking (useful for survey responses as well as in assessments)
  • Shared resources and pre-populated assets (so you can see what some of the more complex gomo assets, like the filmstrip, would look like in preview mode without having to add your own assets first)
  • Inline video asset enhancements – this includes the option to show/hide playbar controls, add actions support to trigger on completion, and the option to run full-screen on play
  • Pin drop assets – this feature enhances the hotspot asset, allowing users to define clickable areas and selection actions

Attendees at the gomo user group 2018
What gomo users are asking for

At gomo, we love hearing from our customers. The user group was an opportunity to discover what some of our Enterprise users would like us to include in the product. As always, we had some great feedback on what attendees would like to see included in our award-winning authoring tool.

Some of our (and the crowd’s!) favorite suggestions include the opportunity to export a course to PDF, even deeper levels of theme customization and a gomo user forum where people can share examples of how they’re using the tool, tips and tricks, and gomo ‘hacks’.

We look forward to next year’s gomo user group as well as launching many exciting new features in the months to come.

Attendees at the gomo user group 2018

To discover how gomo’s award-winning authoring, hosting and enterprise video suite can save your organization time and money, contact us today.

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