Our amazing development team are constantly working to make our award-winning multi-device authoring tool better than ever before. The latest version of the gomo learning suite has a variety of enhancements and features to benefit learners, designers and managers – saving time, improving functionality and generally making the learning experience more vivid. Here are the powerful capabilities we’ve recently added to gomo…

Wow learners with HTML5 video backgrounds


Create a high impact, brand-affirming statement with a beautiful full-screen background. Great from a learning perspective but also for brand, marketing or storytelling, striking full-screen HTML5 background videos transform your courses into learning that really comes to life.

Save time by instantly updating LMS content direct from gomo


As part of the gomo learning suite, our integrated hosting and xAPI analytics platform that allows effortless publishing and tracking of multi-device learning content, you can now update courses on your LMS from within gomo. Simply upload a tiny SCORM wrapper file and courses can be instantly updated without any republishing, zipping and uploading. This not only saves hours but allows you to track courses with Experience API analytics, giving you a truly rich understanding of the full learning experience.

Adjustable column widths for super flexible multi-device design


The gomo content editor has always worked in columns to allow a beautifully smooth multi-device experience, whatever screen size a course is being viewed on. We’ve made the column widths adjustable to give further design and layout flexibility to designers while ensuring that everything will look its best on any screen size!

Take assessment further with screen and completion conditions


Display conditions, which allows designers in gomo to change the on-screen experience based on variables, has now been extended to include topic and screen completion. This means you can hide an assessment menu until all preceding topics have been completed, or only allow learners to progress once the on-screen activities have been completed, which is great for those crucial screens of compliance training!

Like the sound of that? Have a play with gomo’s new features and loads more by beginning a free 21 day trial of our cloud multi-device authoring suite today!

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