Thom Tate, gomo’s Business Development Manager in North America, shares his reflections from Learning Solutions 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

gomo Learning Solutions 2018 Orlando Florida booth

Thom Tate (third from right) and Mike Alcock (third from left) with members of the LEO Learning and NetDimensions teams

With a focus on the worldwide view of instructional design, Learning Solutions 2018 gave gomo the chance to share our passion for learning and have some great conversations.

Orlando, Florida: the place that boasts theme parks like Disney World, year-round warm weather, and, of course, the Learning Solutions 2018 Conference and Expo.

This year, the gomo gang in attendance included our Managing Director, Mike Alcock, and Solutions Architect, Huw Edwards.

And it wasn’t just us, either. In the spirit of the show’s emphasis on connecting peers, the gomo booth was right next to those of our sister companies, NetDimensions and LEO Learning.

This was ideal for our visitors, giving them the unique opportunity to interact with three companies offering unique solutions and services.

This setup was just one of the reasons why the gomo booth was buzzing. People stopped by to watch Mike’s engaging demonstrations of our authoring suite, and Huw and I held lots of one-to-one sessions.

gomo Learning Solutions 2018 Orlando Florida Mike Alcock talk

Introducing new gomo features at Learning Solutions 2018

We are always thrilled to conduct private demos so that our guests can ask questions about gomo and find out how to improve their eLearning offerings.

This was our first industry event in the US since launching exciting new assets within our award-winning authoring suite. It allowed us to demonstrate gomo’s ‘drag and drop’ feature, which makes assessments and other forms of learning content far more engaging and learner-friendly.

Hands down, being able to show our booth visitors some of the exciting ways to utilize gomo was one of the best parts of being at Learning Solutions 2018.

Not only was the interest in gomo fantastic, but the amount we learned from our industry peers was worth the trip to sunny Orlando in itself.

A focus on instructional design

The overarching focus of Learning Solutions 2018 was instructional design. By definition, this is the practice of making global learning experiences more efficient, effective, and engaging.

Instructional design was a central theme of the conference, and one of the challenges for organizations is achieving effective design on a massive scale. This made Mike’s session very fitting.

gomo Learning Solutions 2018 Orlando Florida Mike Alcock demo

He discussed the role of cloud-based solutions in establishing an eLearning strategy that drives collaboration and enables design consistency across your eLearning library.

Learning more about worldwide instructional design from other vendors at Learning Solutions 2018 garnered a lot of excitement among all of us on the gomo team. The concept has been central to the way we’ve developed our solution over the last few years.

As a passionate learning professional, Mike was, of course, also able to demonstrate how easy gomo’s cloud-based authoring solution is to use. There are plenty of options for distribution, including the gomo LMS wrapper that lets you update courses in an LMS in seconds.

Learning Solutions 2018: a great success

The success of the show called for a celebration, and we ended the trip alongside our colleagues with a dinner at a Hawaiian-American fusion restaurant. The venue was perfect considering that we were in a learning solutions paradise, of sorts.

We met outstanding people at Learning Solutions 2018 and I’m already looking forward to contributing to this important, forward-thinking industry event next year.

Thom Tate is gomo’s Business Development Manager for North America.

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Find out more about the benefits of using an authoring tool by watching Thom’s concise video guide.

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