We all have stories of bad first days, weeks and even just bad jobs in general. It’s only natural to feel a little daunted prior to joining a new organization or role, but it’s important that we, within L&D, HR and talent functions, do our bit to be sure those first day nerves don’t turn into anything more.

What does induction do?

Good induction focuses on welcoming new staff and providing them with the information, training and support they need to reach competency. Induction is more of a process than an hour or day in someone’s calendar, a little like learning to ride a bike… the learning stuff you put in place acts as the stabilizers to continually support, until your inductees are so happy that they wheelie off into the sunset.

You + bad induction = 🙁

Lack of support, no time to find your feet, lack of communication or overwhelming levels of new information will all help to take the shine off a first day or new role. It’s important we do everything we can to make the induction process as painless and positive as possible. From a business point of view, the cost of recruitment alone means we can’t really afford to get it wrong… and that’s before you take into account the cost of staff turnover. If people have problems settling into your organization, they will leave, increasing the cost of staff turnover while leaving the same role to be re-recruited, doubling the cost of recruitment for one role alone… and the cycle goes on.

Stand out with digital assets and mobile e-learning

First impressions last. As you’re inducting people, they will be deciding whether they can see themselves staying at your organization in the long term. An induction has the responsibility to sell the quality and values of a company, and this means much more than simply talking about values… Investing in your induction is investing in the future of your organization – create videos, activities, quizzes or games which involve your new starters and capture their imagination in order to excite them about the journey ahead.

It’s only half the battle creating the content that’s going to do the trick, it’s important that you consider multi-device and mobile e-learning in order to reach staff at a time when they probably don’t have the knowledge to seek out learning themselves. If you’re creating learning using the latest technologies, you can be safe in the knowledge your new starters can use their own devices, regardless of operating system or model.

The time is always right with mobile e-learning

New staff won’t always have the time to sit down and go through induction packages and courses when they arrive in the office, but giving them mobile e-learning allows for them to make use of moments or hours of downtime. Relevant for many (but maybe more so the more senior a role is), mobile e-learning gives staff constant access to induction materials as well as constant vision of their progress.  It helps new staff to move away from the idea that e-learning is a fixed, set activity, which is important as multi-device and mobile e-learning will only become more common, making the ‘fixed activity’ idea less and less applicable.

Flexible Induction

Inducting different departments, ages, languages, locations and seniorities means that a ‘one size fits all’ model won’t satisfy the demands of a whole company. Mobile e-learning, by its very nature, delivers a personal, interactive learning experience, allowing learners to work at their own pace, explore in more detail, repeat and refer back to content really easily, leaving you safe in the knowledge that no one feels left behind.

Individual branches or paths of learning can be created to suit a department, role or even individual. This keeps the learning time to a minimum and really focused on what the individual really needs to know, plus it makes the volume of ‘stuff’ to go through much more managable, which is especially important when mobile e-learning is involved.

Keep it in your pocket, keep on referring to it

Something that’s needed in the first day or month of work is probably going to be useful at a later date. If your induction is comprised of mobile e-learning, you can be sure that as new starters pass probation and become fully integrated, that they have the resources and info close by to keep them in the know and speaking the language of your organization.

Because the majority of online induction material is general company information, it can be easily reused for general training across the business. Whether it’s used to reinforce key learning points beyond induction, used as just-in-time referral or whatever else, mobile e-learning becomes ongoing performance support, constantly improving ROI!

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