For each opportunity technology presents us, there’s usually a few concerns, problems and hiccups that get in the way before we can really begin taking advantage of it. Think back a few years to when people were really getting serious and excited about mobile e-learning…

Amidst all of the chatter was a push towards understanding best practice – it’s not just about creating mobile e-learning but making something fit for purpose, easily updatable, cost-effective and repeatable. It’s really only a good four or so years on that there’s a much better understanding of when and why mobile e-learning should be used, with it really beginning to take hold as a here-to-stay factor fairly recently.

Today, the mobility of learning asks questions of traditional courses and learning infrastructure that just haven’t been an issue or priority before. SCORM tracking doesn’t take devices into account, while many learning management systems aren’t optimized for mobile e-learning usage and are often filled with desktop-only learning content.

Technology moves at ever-increasing pace and shows little sign of slowing down – it’s no longer possible for teams and organizations to react to buzzwords or the next big thing in learning & development. Teams must work out how they can provide the best overall learning experience while baring many new technological factors in mind. How could this course be viewed? How can we be sure learners can find it? How can the same course be optimized and useful across all devices?

If these are the sorts of problems you are hearing and facing within your organization, then our upcoming webinar on the gomo learning suite could well be of real value to you. If you’re interested in…

  • Building learning content which works across all devices
  • Cut the cost of traditional e-learning authoring and hosting
  • Using multi-device courses as a vehicle to deliver games, animations and video content
  • Multi-device Experience API (xAPI/ TinCan) analytics
  • A flexible cloud hosting and distribution solution which can stand alone or can work with an LMS to supply xAPI data

…Then maybe you should join us on Thursday 16th July to learn some more and see the gomo learning suite in action (If you can’t make it, just sign up and we can just send you the webinar recording).

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