This blog on the book Mobile Education and the power of mobile learning was originally posted on the LEO Learning website by Kayleigh Tanner.

The new mobile learning book, Mobile Education, is now live on Slideshare and ready to be browsed by anyone who wants to find out more about the fast-moving world of mobile technology and how it can be integrated into education and learning.

The Mobile Education book features more than 35 education experts, including gomo sister company LEO Learning’s Director of Learning Imogen Casebourne, with lessons covering everything from increasing engagement through the use of mobile learning and the best content for mobile platforms.

A photo of the cover of Mobile Education, a book on mobile learning

Mobile Education: the intersection of mobile technology and eLearning

Imogen’s lesson is entitled ‘Feedback, convenience and support: it’s all about the learner’ and can be found on page 44. It highlights the importance of the learner as part of the learning process and how mobile plays a role in this. It also briefly looks at performance support.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to find out more about mobile learning, as each lesson draws on the expertise of each learning expert in a succinct way to show exactly why mobile learning is increasing in popularity.

A photo of mobile learning being carried out with gomo Learning

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