gomo is a multi-device authoring tool, producing content that works seamlessly across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. gomo content automatically responds to the size of the device, filling the screen, no matter what the resolution or orientation.

We love to know where our website visitors come from and what they’re using so we can provide the optimal user experience, and it really hammers home the multi-device nature of the modern world. It shows just how vital it is that 21st century content is available across devices and operating systems:

gomo website visitor operating system statistics

What do gomo visitors use to access our website?

As we might expect, Windows is the dominant operating system, but the website is accessed by users in lots of different environments.

gomo website visitor browser statistics

Which browsers do gomo website visitors use?

Chrome users account for more than half the visits to the gomo website, followed by Internet Explorer and Firefox. We also know that we need to account for users of Safari and browsers on mobile devices.

gomo website visitors screen resolution

Which screen resolutions do visitors view the gomo website on?

The range of screen sizes accessing the website is something to behold. Fortunately we have a responsive website that can handle all these screen sizes automatically. We apply the same principle to our multi-device learning content. gomo-created content is also able to handle all these screen sizes, with courses filling the screen. Imagine having to size your course for all of these resolutions – less than ideal! With gomo, a course that works on an iPhone5 today will work on an iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus tomorrow.

Want to see how our content looks on all your devices? It’s easy – take a look at our sample course, entirely created with gomo, and watch it automatically adapt and respond to whichever device you’re using. To see how your own course will look, sign up for your free 21-day trial of gomo today to see your content transform before your eyes.

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