Creating effective multilingual elearning content can be seen as a challenge for big businesses. With offices and learners often based in multiple locations globally, reaching organization-wide training goals can be both costly and complicated.

Who wants to face the expensive and time-consuming process of creating multiple versions of the same course, in different languages? Not to mention the potential formatting issues that can arise when replacing text…

A laptop with a drawing of a world map above it

Multi-language support

We understand how difficult it can be, which is why we developed the multi-language support function for gomo, something our clients love.

The ins and outs

With gomo, multiple languages can be supported in just one course. When creating the course, the author simply selects the default language they require and all of the secondary languages to be supported – as many as desired.

Translation is simple too with XLIFF export and import fully supported, meaning the course text (in the master language) can be exported with a single click and sent to a translation agency of choice. The author then re-imports with a single click again once complete – it’s that easy.

Screenshot of gomo software in use

Because the languages are all supported in one course, distribution to learners worldwide becomes far quicker. Once they get their hands on the course, the learner is able to select or change the language they see at any point during the course.

Screenshot of gomo software in use

There’s no need to worry about the different text lengths disrupting the course design. With the use of HTML5, all courses created in gomo are responsive and adaptive by default. Content blocks adjust themselves automatically to the length of the text in every language, and this also means that the multilingual content will work and look great on any device used, with any screen size.

Want to try gomo for yourself? You can sign up quickly and easily for a free 21-day gomo trial here. gomo doesn’t require any software downloads – it works from your web browser.

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