Hosting is one of those words, like ‘Analytics’ and ‘The Cloud’, that gets thrown around in the technology industry. But what does it actually mean, and why do you need to think about it?

What is hosting?

Just like a website, a learning course you create in an authoring tool will draw upon elements such as images, videos, text and styles. These files need to be stored somewhere logical, secure and accessible. This location is where your data is ‘hosted’. So in essence ‘hosting’ simply refers to where and how your learning data is stored.

A green door locked with a padlock - representing secure hosting

Keeping that in mind, where you host your data can have an impact on how, where and when you engage with it. Your hosting solution can have real-world, daily impact on the smooth running of your learning programme.

Why do you need hosting?

Many people buy an authoring tool but then give little thought about how to deliver the courses they produce to their learners. Even if learners have an LMS, publishing huge SCORM files to it can be an enormously time consuming and laborious task. Republishing an entire SCORM course just for a few text changes can be even more onerous.

With an authoring tool that includes hosting, your courses are created in the cloud and can be distributed instantly to your learners, whether they’re using an LMS, on social media, looking at your website, logging in to your learner portal, on email or even looking to consume content offline.

Man using gomo central app on ipad - cloud hosting enabled

So when you ask the question “do I need hosting?” Ask yourself, do you want to get relevant, up to date, elearning content into the hands of learners, instantly? If the answer is yes, then you should consider an authoring tool with hosting, like gomo.

The gomo learning suite supports 5 methods of content distribution:

  • gomo central
  • gomo central app
  • Existing LMS
  • Direct link access
  • Website embed

What next?

Read all about gomo distribution and find out more about getting rich insights into learner behaviour via our integrated xAPI analytics.

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