As part of NextSteps 2018 and the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018, gomo headed to London last week to hear from our peers, customers and the public about their learning challenges…

Hosted by our friends at gomo’s partner company, NetDimensions, NextSteps 2018 was the perfect opportunity to tell NetDimensions users more about how they can integrate our award-winning authoring tool with NetDimensions Talent Suite.

In a keenly-attended break-out session as part of the afternoon program at NextSteps 2018, our Director of Product Development, Gavin Beddow, showed L&D teams from all over the world how this new integration can help them.

A photo of Gavin Beddow, of gomo Learning, demonstrating a product on a laptop at NextSteps 2018

We’re delighted to give clients with a gomo licence and the NetDimensions Learning LMS the option to combine these best-of-breed solutions seamlessly.

As you can imagine, the ability to carry out one-click publishing from authoring tool to LMS is a game-changer for many organizations. It’s already saved a large number of our clients an enormous amount of time and effort, and we received a high level of interest from guests at NextSteps 2018 interested in following suit.

Stand and deliver: gomo proves its worth at LTSF 2018

Part of the reason for the popularity of gomo is the ability it gives L&D teams to create stylish courses at speed, and we were able to show this off to a huge number of visitors at the Learning Technologies event the following day.

There were a number of notable takeaways from the hundreds of visitors we welcomed to our colorful and busy stand. In a demanding business world, it’s clear that businesses have an urgent need to provide valuable learning experiences that don’t demand lots of time and resources.

Stretched learning teams want to make their jobs easier by using the right learning technologies to provide sleek courses. And they want their efforts to achieve a real impact with engaged learners, as well as measurable results that impress senior management.

We showed people a few of the ways in which gomo could allow them to deliver responsive HTML5 eLearning courses instantly, securely and reliably. Our short demonstrations proved just how easy it is to start building eye-catching courses in gomo – and, most importantly, our visitors could try it out for themselves without needing any technical expertise.

A photo of people watching demonstrations on a screen at NextSteps 2018

Removing the pain points for L&D teams

The frustrations organizations have around their learning management systems seemed to be familiar ones.

Some systems can make it difficult to host courses for large or expanding workforces. L&D leaders can also find it tricky to properly analyze learning and create meaningful results. In some cases, teams even told us that they were facing difficulties sharing their content.

Let’s take a look at how gomo can deal with these issues:

  • Our hosting capabilities mean you’ll always have the technological capacity to meet your ambitions
  • With gomo, you can share courses directly through your LMS, via social media channels, websites and via email – all with full xAPI tracking
  • That tracking, together with our analytics dashboards and reports, gives you real insights into your learning – leading to informed improvements and strategies

Giving people the power of world-class hosting and analytics

During our discussions, we heard stories of systems struggling to cope with increased learner demand. This seems a shame when gomo’s servers are barely moved by heavy traffic.

People were impressed to hear we support more than 6.5 million course launches each year, and it’s all down to the infrastructure gomo has behind it.

Through Amazon’s CloudFront global content delivery network (CDN) service, we securely deliver eLearning to your learners with low latency and high transfer speeds, wherever they are in the world. That means your courses are delivered instantly around the globe.

Even if you already have an LMS, gomo can transform its efficiency with the unique gomo LMS wrapper.

Several of the organizations we spoke to are used to SCORM publishing and lengthy FTP uploads and downloads. But your learning content doesn’t have to be hampered by long waits.

Our wrapper reduces any SCORM course to a size of just 12KB, delivers it instantly to your LMS and updates it live. This makes laborious delays a thing of the past and instant updates, globally, an everyday part of your training.

A photo of Gavin Beddow and Mike Alcock, of gomo Learning, watching demonstrations on a screen at NextSteps 2018

Helping global brands to provide learning at scale

In a brief afternoon departure from our stand, I took over Theatre three for half an hour to explore how global organizations can create and deliver eLearning at scale.

Reflecting on our partnerships with companies such as EE, I took a look at how to achieve brand consistency, reach learners on any device and much more.

The session was an ideal way to revisit some of the themes we discussed on the stand, leading to more conversations at the end of a great couple of days for the gomo team.

We always enjoy meeting learning professionals at these kinds of events. Until next time, get in touch to find out how gomo can help supercharge your learning.

Missed NextSteps 2018 or the Learning Technologies Summer Forum? Contact us today to start making the most of gomo’s world-class hosting, authoring and distribution capabilities.

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