3 ways to upgrade your eLearning courses : new features in Gomo authoring

3 ways to upgrade your eLearning courses: new features in Gomo authoring

At Gomo, we’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for you to create engaging and effective eLearning courses. That’s why we’ve just released three new features that will help you transform your eLearning. Find out more in this blog.

This month sees a raft of new features and updates to Gomo Authoring. Included in our latest release are three exciting features we think you’re going to love: video controls, Likert scale questions, enhanced question tracking, and pre-populated assets.

Challenge your learners with a Likert scale asset

Standard question types provide learners with binary choices: this or that. These types of questions are great for testing knowledge, and we offer a range of different multiple-choice questions assets in Gomo Authoring.

But sometimes you may want to ask your learners a different type of question. One that challenges them to reflect or give their opinion.

This is where Likert scale questions are particularly useful, which is why we’ve added them as a new question type. Likert scale questions allow learners to answer a question by providing a level of agreement to a statement, normally ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

This type of question is useful in eLearning courses because it gives you the opportunity to check not just knowledge, but also attitudes and behaviors too. For example, you could measure a learner’s confidence levels on a particular subject or task.

Gain insight on learner performance with enhanced question tracking

To support the addition of the Likert scale question type, we’ve also enhanced the level of question tracking in Gomo Authoring.

This means you can now harness the power of xAPI to track question responses and generate a ‘question answers’ report in Gomo Hosting. When you’re able to see which questions learners tend to get wrong or right, you can build an overall picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your learning group.

This extra level of visibility can also provide much more detailed information on individual learner performance. Used alongside the Likert scale asset, the tracking enables you to conduct in-depth analysis not just on learner’s knowledge, but their confidence levels too.

This insight can then be used to provide personalized support to struggling learners.

Make testing your designs a breeze with prepopulated assets

If you or members of your team are new to Gomo's eLearning creation software, then our pre-populated assets feature may be just the thing you need to get up to speed quickly.

We’ve added this option so that users can easily explore how the content for each type of content interaction works in the content editor and then see how it appears when previewing your course.

This gives you a much clearer ‘at a glance’ view of how each content interaction works and whether it’s the right choice for your particular content.

Find out more! Check out our ebook, ‘12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool’.

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