4 big topics discussed at our recent Gomo Live UK event

On April 16, the Gomo team assembled at London’s Royal Institution for Gomo Live UK 2024. This one-day customer event offered attendees a chance to talk L&D strategy, share content authoring best practices, network, and learn all about our new and upcoming product updates. The Bridge team was also present to co-host, bringing invaluable expertise and insight into L&D topics from a corporate LMS, skills and performance perspective.

In this article, we’ve pulled together four highlights from the day’s events—so let’s jump right in!

1) Bridge and Gomo’s shared vision

Our opening keynote focused on Bridge’s core vision and Gomo’s pivotal role in creating learning tech that creates organizational success. Both companies believe that people are the greatest source of growth, and Bridge’s pitch is that bringing learning, development, and upskilling together under one roof will ensure that your growth plans are actionable. Nonetheless, you’ll be going nowhere without access to compelling content (and a way to create, publish, and update it).

The focus remains on strengthening the relationship between Bridge and Gomo to help achieve this, while continuing to invest in Bridge’s own suite of capabilities. The ability to publish fully responsive, interactive eLearning content directly from Gomo to Bridge was naturally highlighted as a strength, complementing Bridge’s AI-driven skills identification and personalized development plan creation.

2) Gomo’s roadmap and how it will ensure content remains king

Our Product Manager, Simon Waldram, shared a sneak peek into future product updates from both Gomo and Bridge, with a particular emphasis on content creation and course management. Simon works across both brands and he added invaluable additional insight into how content creation, management, and distribution can work together seamlessly within a single infrastructure.

His showcase of features included:

  • Gomo’s role as Bridge’s advanced authoring tool, capable of interactive and responsive content types that can be quickly and directly published to Bridge
  • An introduction to Bridge Advanced Video, the platform’s video creation and multimedia hosting platform
  • A range of third-party content integrations with tools such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and OpenSesame
  • The possibilities opened up by custom integrations, webhooks, and APIs to other elements of your ecosystem

Significantly, the roadmap for Gomo and Bridge includes plans to bring Gomo’s course creation and Bridge Advanced Video’s video capabilities closer together. Simon also handed over to Jeff Fissel, VP of Solutions at sibling company GP Strategies, to further highlight how the two platforms could expand content capabilities together. He showcased personalization-focused custom integrations in Bridge and Gomo as well as options for bringing off-the-shelf content partners in to fill your content gaps.

3) AI integration will continue to evolve

Gomo has already started the process of meaningfully integrating with the latest AI innovations, and Gomo Live UK provided an opportunity for our product experts to demo some newly integrated features, while mapping out what’s coming next.

We showcased our recently launched OpenAI integration, which is capable of generating key content elements such as introductions, learning objectives, and conclusions, helping you streamline course creation. The feature can also help you translate individual assets into whichever languages your business needs.

As for upcoming features, attendees received a look at the next step for this multi-language translation feature: the scaled-up ability to create multiple translations of entire courses at the click of a button.

4) A wide range of insights from Gomo peers

Prior to the event, Gomo customers were invited to submit their ideas for topics they wanted to see covered, helping us plan our workshops and roundtable discussions. This attendee-led agenda kept our product experts busy discussing skills development and learning analytics alongside content creation—but a healthy dose of additional insight came from the many L&D pros in attendance.

In the afternoon, we ran a series of customer-led Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to share solutions, answer questions, and exchange useful information. One long-term Gomo customer shared some tips on translating content with Gomo, while another led a session focusing on some of the advanced interactive features available in the platform that make it possible to build more visually engaging courses.

We received some great feedback about these sessions, with one attendee saying: “Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the sessions on Tuesday. It was really valuable to meet everyone and get some real insight on Gomo as a new user.”

In conclusion: How we’re helping you shape the future of L&D

Gomo has always been driven to innovate and evolve based on the needs of its customers, and events like Gomo Live UK remain an important opportunity to hear from the people who use our platform every day. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and it helps influence the direction we develop our tools going forward—so please, keep it coming!

A version of this blog post originally appeared on the Bridge blog.

About the author: Huw Edwards

With decades of business experience in all forms of learning technologies, I’ve enjoyed working with—and learning from—a broad range of industry leaders and specialists, from global corporations through to individual learning designers.

I love matching new technologies to customers' business requirements as Gomo's Business Development Executive, and then seeing them achieve success through our products. At Gomo we’re such a close-knit team that we always get to truly understand our client’s evolving needs, enabling us to adapt and nurture our offering to deliver a product that’s always focused on providing maximum value.

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