Gomo in 2022: 5 exciting updates, from live delivery to instant previews

Gomo in 2022: 5 exciting updates, from live delivery to instant previews

Here at Gomo, we’re driven by our mission to make eLearning authoring as frictionless and accessible as possible—and we’re constantly pushing towards that goal. Every so often, though, we like to glance back at the many and varied updates and new features that fuel our forward momentum. If you’ve struggled to keep track of the sheer quantity of improvements made by Gomo in 2022, we’ve got you covered with our five hand-picked favorites.

1) Instant preview options are now available

Efficiency has sat at the heart of our activities in the first half of 2022—not only when it comes to course delivery, but also in the world of course creation. Instant preview is a great way to unlock new efficiency gains as you put together your eLearning content.

Our instant preview feature is an overhaul of the existing preview function, and we’re pretty proud of the result. Under the previous system, users were required to push the “preview” button and wait for the course to load before experiencing their content. Now, you have the option to see exactly what you’re creating in real-time, empowering you to create more refined content and layouts.

This feature is saving users a huge amount of time, breaking the cycle of saving, rebuilding, and previewing after every major change. Just as importantly, our new approach to previews allows you to direct your focus toward fine-tuning your content and commit to the craft of eLearning.

2) Single sign-on for secure and convenient access

Many organizations, especially larger enterprises, require single sign-on (SSO)—which means that users can log in to a range of systems with the same ID.

We’ve been hard at work to offer new and existing customers an SSO option, and our efforts have paid off. We’re compliant with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standards, providing a highly secure authentication process.

In addition to the security benefits of SSO, you’ll also find that—as with all of our features—this process is quick and simple, ensuring that your friction-free Gomo experience extends from initial login to course distribution.

3) Accessibility updates for assistive tech

The Gomo team takes accessibility seriously—we recognize that truly accessible tooling demands an ongoing series of new releases and back-end adjustments. We’re always striving to go beyond the bare minimum required by compliance standards like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and our goal is to create a great experience for every user.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to better accessibility, we’ve ensured that screen readers will automatically focus on newly-opened subscreens, so users will always be presented with the right content at the right time.

This is one example among many, and we’re always in dialogue with our customers to find and implement new accessibility improvements wherever we can.

Keep informed about Gomo’s ongoing improvements and updates on our Release Notes page:

2022 release notes

4) Present and future theme additions

Our library of core themes is expanding. Gomo’s array of themes control the look and feel of your content, ensuring that every aspect of your courses—from fonts and colors to buttons and logos—are effortlessly polished.

In our previous update post we touched upon the stylishly modern Vinte theme, and we couldn’t resist mentioning it again here!

Vinte doesn’t just look great—it also offers users a wealth of new functionality, with mobile navigation icons shifting in response to screen size in order to make the best possible use of screen real estate.

This kind of variety among our navigation options will apply to our future themes, too. We’re excited to share the upcoming Brisa theme, which features a strikingly crisp look and feel alongside unprecedented new variations for navigation—including the option for 10 icons across the header.

The Vinte theme

5) Live delivery across multiple LMSs

Towards the start of the year, we introduced the second and third phases of Gomo Delivery: an additional service for Gomo Authoring customers that enables you to instantly update your eLearning content and courses.

Publishing your course to Gomo Delivery eliminates the time-consuming task of waiting for third-party Learning Management System (LMS) providers—or your busy IT department—to deploy course updates. With the help of a handy file called an LMS Wrapper, Gomo Delivery ensures that any changes you make to your courses will be automatically mirrored across your platforms.

Gomo Delivery also allows you to maintain different versions of the same course across multiple LMSs. For large organizations that find themselves juggling several LMSs, our live delivery feature is a fantastic way to rapidly publish learning content updates through multiple dispatch routes. And, thanks to the Gomo Delivery dashboard, keeping track of your courses and engagement couldn’t be simpler.

About the author: Simon Waldram

As Product Manager at Gomo, I’m passionate about delivering value at every interaction and to increase sustainable proven value for our customers and business.

I have extensive experience of working within both the commercial and educational sectors, and approach all projects with a strategic mind.

This combination of education and commercial experience has enabled me to stay at the leading edge of emerging technologies to ensure that customers are provided with a framework for success.

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