6 ways Gomo revolutionizes the delivery of multi-lingual eLearning courses

6 ways Gomo revolutionizes the delivery of multi-lingual eLearning courses

Delivering effective multi-lingual e-learning content has always been a challenge. From multiple versions of the same course (a nightmare to manage with numerous languages) through to page by page checking of each text item for overruns, creating and delivering multi-lingual content has always been a challenging and expensive exercise.

With the latest release of Gomo learning, everything changes. We now have 6 incredible features that combine to make multi-lingual authoring and delivery a breeze:

No. 1 - Support for multiple languages in a single course

The Gomo player supports multiple languages in one course. It’s now possible to deliver a single course (SCO) with as many languages as desired. A language selector asset allows students to choose their language, either at course launch or at any point during playback.

No. 2 - Language selection in the quick start wizard

The process of creating such a course is simplicity itself. The course wizard sets up the structure of the course and allows authors to select the default language and all of the secondary languages to be supported (including left to right languages such as Arabic).

No. 3 - XLIFF import and export for translation agencies

XLIFF export and import is fully supported, allowing global organizations to work with their translation partners. Create the course with the master language, export the text via XLIFF with a single click, receive the translations by return in XLIFF format, import with a single click and immediately you have a course with multiple languages.

No. 4 - Multi-lingual views in the course editor

Gomo provides multi-lingual views in the course editor. View all screens in the course in all languages in the editor. Because the language selection is a Gomo ‘action’, it can be used to localize as well as translate the content. Deliver the German audio to the German student, the French video to the French student, the Italian PDF to the Italian student, all within a single course.

No. 5 - No more text overruns

Because Gomo creates responsive HTML5 automatically, there are never any problems with text overruns. Content blocks adjust themselves automatically to the length of the text in every language.

No. 6 - Multi-device support with responsive HTML5

Because Gomo outputs responsive and adaptive HTML5 by default, your multi-lingual content will work on any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone), with any screen size, and in any orientation. There’s no need to create 5 versions of the same course (one for each device and orientation). With the new Gomo native app, you can even deliver courses for offline consumption with full tracking.

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