Sharing eLearning courses with xAPI analytics —delivery and distribution made easy

Sharing eLearning courses with xAPI analytics—delivery and distribution made easy

A new Gomo feature means you can now fully track learner activity when sharing eLearning courses through a direct link. Here’s what it can do for your delivery and distribution.

One of the most straightforward but important elements of effective eLearning is the ability to easily share courses with learners and collaborators.

Sharing eLearning courses instantly with a direct link might sound simple, but this functionality can be integral to the success of your learning programs. Not all eLearning authoring tools offer it, which can make delivering and distributing a slower, more painful process.

Here at Gomo, we save you extra hassle by allowing you to share courses as soon as they’re created. You can use a link or a QR code to provide direct access to your training content, which means your learners can get started straight away – on the device of their choosing.

You might be sharing eLearning courses via email, social media, an Intranet or another form of distribution with these direct links. The aim should be to offer learners the convenience of accessing courses when it suits them.

Sharing eLearning courses with powerful tracking

If you already use an authoring tool that allows you to share your courses via direct link, what you might not know is that you can do this without the involvement of a dedicated website or LMS.

When you use Gomo, your learners can take a course without needing to register or sign in anywhere, both of which can be potential barriers to people launching a course. A direct link to a single launch page can also make things easier if people are short on time, are learning on the go or are using mobile devices.

In the past, you might not have been able to see who had accessed your learning through direct links.

That’s where Gomo’s new feature comes in.

With a Gomo delivery package, you can now include a short form at the start of the course, inviting visitors to fill in their name and email address before they begin. That way, you’ll know exactly who’s taking your courses, plus a wealth of other useful info...

Full tracking offers invaluable learner data

Making eLearning courses easy to access is the first step on the path to learner engagement, but what happens once people embark on your courses? The ability to track learner activity, as research with companies across the world is increasingly showing, is vital to upskilling employees, identifying trends and ultimately improving your learning programs.

Gomo's full Experience API (xAPI or Tin-Can) tracking gives you an easy way to analyze learner data on one authoritative dashboard. With this, you can drill down to explore aspects such as:

  • Which learners have started and completed parts of your training
  • The dates and times when they accessed the training and the devices they used
  • Which questions they answered correctly and which sections proved more challenging
  • The answers users gave to specific questions

While these kind of analytics are very important for drawing out trends and measuring the business impact of learning, they are difficult to use properly without knowing the identity of learners.

Delivery and distribution with a full range of insights

The ability to find out who’s accessed your content and how they responded to it is hugely powerful. For L&D professionals, a comprehensive understanding of how individual learners progress with courses is a key part of tailoring content to target their precise needs.

Gomo is always working on new features, and our authoring tool makes it so easy to host and distribute your learning, as well as track learner progress. What’s more, you can capitalize on xAPI analytics without needing any complex tools or resources.

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