10 exciting updates in Gomo’s new UI [Quick visual guide]

10 Exciting Updates in Gomo's New UI

Gomo is ringing in the changes with a great-looking new UI that modernizes, standardizes, and acts as a firm foundation for exciting new features to come. Check out our visual guide to 10 exciting updates that make it easier than ever to create beautiful, multi-device eLearning content.

You can read more about the rationale behind our UI overhaul in this FAQ, or watch our recent webinar showing it all off. Otherwise, read on for a quick look at 10 changes—big and small—that we think you’ll love.

1) Easily create new courses with our 3-step wizard

Designed to help both new and existing users, the reworked course wizard streamlines and signposts eLearning content creation to just three simple steps:

  1. Details: Give your course a name and description, stick it in a folder and set it up for one or more languages.
  2. Theme: Select a base design to build off of.
  3. Extras: Include or remove various ‘tasks’: introduction, menu, glossaries, help sections, resources sections, and much more!

2) A new look for course folders

We’ve given folders a clean and consistent look, and made it easier to understand their function at a glance.

3) Rethought, more consistent terminology

Goodbye ‘projects’—we felt ‘courses’ got the heart of the matter more succinctly.

4) A tidy space for your media resources

Any clutter we may have had in the ‘shared content’ section has made way for the sleek new folder tree and file table.

5) Consistent use of animation and emphasis

Whatever screen you’re looking at, you’ll always know whether an item can be interacted with.

6) Easily take control of course navigation

You can easily add and remove elements to the header and footer navigation of your course by clicking on the slots at the top and bottom of your course screen.

7) Improved functionality in our refreshed screen editor

Use the left-hand pane to navigate through your course and assets. Click on any element in the main pane to access in-depth options on the right.

8) Modal dialogs kept simple and clean

Click on a text field and be taken to an input screen with all the functions you need.

9) An icon-based new asset viewer

Assets are now accompanied by simple icons, making it easier than ever to make use of Gomo’s multitude of layout, media, presentation, and question options.

10) Help is here!

If you’re ever stuck, check out the bottom right corner of your account, where we’ve added a support button. This gives you a direct, search-enabled link to the wealth of articles in our knowledge base.

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