Gomo’s enhanced xAPI reporting feature

Gomo’s enhanced xAPI reporting feature

Gomo’s Enhanced xAPI Reporting feature means you have more insights into how your learners are performing, the effectiveness of your learning programs, and how L&D is affecting the organization’s bottom line.

What is enhanced xAPI reporting?

While Gomo already offers built-in xAPI reporting dashboards, Gomo’s Enhanced xAPI Reporting feature provides more granular-level tracking and in-depth reporting on question data. It also works well with xAPI-conformant learning record stores and learning analytics platforms (LRSs and LAPs).

How does this feature work?

Better reporting on your learning initiatives offers a more complete picture of how your learners are performing. It also provides the opportunity to improve and bolster L&D’s offerings. And Gomo’s Enhanced xAPI Reporting update allows you to do just that—giving you an easy, visual way to analyze learner data across all Gomo products.


For Gomo Authoring customers, there aren’t technical requirements beyond having an appropriate LMS to launch your content and an LRS to store learning data. Furthermore, LMSs that support the xAPI launch data will automatically configure the endpoint.

Publish options within Gomo Authoring for xAPI tracking.


Gomo Hosting and Analytics, which rely solely on xAPI reporting, automatically uses xAPI to track learning data on active courses. As a result, you can host courses with a simple user dashboard for accessing content. Gomo Hosting also provides an LRS that allows admins to report on learner progress and overall course activity.

How does this update affect reporting in Gomo Authoring and Hosting?

When it comes to Authoring and Hosting, users will see detailed course information that covers question interactions, course scores, completions, passes/fails, time taken, etc. All this information can be sent to any LRS (we recommend using an xAPI-conformant LRS to ensure consistent, correct data). And, if you use Gomo Hosting, you’ll have access to a dashboard showing learner and course-wide activity along with various reports that can be exported in CSV format. Here are some examples.

EXAMPLE: This Gomo Hosting dashboard shows an xAPI summary for all users enrolled in a Gomo course.
EXAMPLE: You can easily export CSV reports within Gomo Hosting.

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