There were so many good questions during our automotive webinar that we couldn’t fit them all into one blog post. So, following on from our part 1 Q&A, here is part 2.


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Question 3 – automotive with Volvo webinar

How important was a cloud-based solution for you?

Dolf (Volvo):

Our LMS (Learning Management System), like most other LMSs, does not like it if you clog it with too large files, video files especially.

And we don’t know what the users on the other side have in terms of IT solutions, broadband, sizes and so forth so with gomo cloud it takes care of that because it is not running through your LMS, it’s running off the cloud.

So it was extremely important that we had something that, although the security had to be there – so it actually still goes through our LMS, the program actually runs off the cloud after you’ve gained access.

So yes the cloud was extremely important.”

man carrying a cardboard cutout of a cloud - automotive with Volvo webinar

Further info…

In this day and age, with remote workers and geographically dispersed employees, it has become more important than ever to be able to collaborate globally for business. That’s why gomo is a cloud-based authoring suite – this means it’s hosted on our servers for you to access anywhere, any time, on any device with an internet connection.

Added bonus; This means no need to install any software! Just hop onto your PC or Mac and get going.

Find out more on our hosting and distribution page.

Question 4 – automotive with Volvo webinar

Are themes the same as a templates?

Mike (gomo MD):
“Yes and no is the answer. Themes really control the look and feel of the course that’s what they are primarily responsible for.

We also have templates, which are screen templates and layouts, so video on the left or right for example. In other authoring tools that’s what would be known as a template.

A theme is really the visual layer and templates are the screen layouts. But they are fully configurable so if you use templates in gomo to build yourself a quick screen, then you can configure it to your heart’s content.”

Screenshot of gomo themes - automotive with Volvo webinar

Further info…

Gomo’s solutions are highly intuitive.

You can choose templates to match your requirements and simply drag and drop your content in for quick and easy content creation.

Choose from a library of themes and easily customize them to your brand or project, you can also save them to use again in the future. It couldn’t be easier.

Does this sound good to you? Try gomo yourself, for free, by signing up to the 21 day trial.

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