Our popular gomo webinars have attracted a lot of attention, but if you can’t make any of the next dates, check out our webinar recording on YouTube.

Have you met gomo, your new authoring tool yet?

If you’re new to gomo, our award-winning authoring suite provides two great products that enable you to create, host, update, distribute and track beautiful multi-device eLearning.

gomo authoring creates truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones, and any orientation (landscape or portrait).

gomo hosting and analytics allows you to get content into the hands of learners instantly, via websites, direct link, QR code, the gomo LMS wrapper, social media, gomo central (gomo’s mobile learning app), and more – and all with full xAPI analytics.

gomo webinars to get you started

Throughout February and Multi-device March, we have been introducing you to gomo in a series of webinars revealing how easy it is to create beautiful multi-device content with our authoring tool. These gomo webinars cover:

There are still lots more webinars to come, allowing you to ask Managing Director Mike Alcock your specific questions about gomo. However, if you can’t make it to the next session, you can find a recording of a previous webinar on our YouTube channel.

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We will be uploading more gomo videos soon, so please subscribe to our channel to be the first to find out more.

To discover how gomo’s award-winning authoring suite can save your organization time and money, contact us today.

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