Perhaps I need to get out more… but Learning Technologies is always one of the highlights of the calendar for me. It signifies the real start of the e-learning year and usually resonates with the buzz of this fantastic industry that we work in. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as to meet some new faces who are just starting their e-learning journey.

This year was particularly special for me on a personal level as it’s the first product launch I’ve done for almost 10 years. In 2005 we launched the Atlantic Link authoring suite at this exhibition and came from nowhere to take the event, and the market, by storm. This time it was the release of the brand-new gomo 2.0 multi-device authoring tool.

The big event

As the team and I sweated over our last minute preparations and rehearsed our demos, we all had our fingers crossed that the months of hard work would be well received and that people would buy into our vision of multi-device delivery and cloud based authoring.

Looking at the number of visitors to the stand, the level of interest in the product, the ‘standing room only’ for our theatre presentation and the hugely positive feedback we received, it appears that we must have been doing something right.

Nothing beats showcasing a new product that can genuinely transform an industry and I really believe that we’ve got something on our hands in gomo that could do just that. We’ve brought together cloud-based authoring, adaptive and responsive multi-device delivery and ease of use – a combination I’ve yet to see elsewhere. Multi-device delivery and ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies seemed to be some of the hot topics at the exhibition and I believe that gomo addresses these incredibly elegantly.

Industry feedback

The feedback from the industry analysts who attended the event also seems to support that view:

“The debuting of the Learning Technologies GroupEpic and gomo attracted a lot of interest. It was great to see Mike Alcock back (as MD of gomo) demoing an authoring tool… this time gomo. Mike’s demos “how to create e-learning” been a highlight of LT’s over the years! It was standing room only for this demo.

This tool is good, and Epic have already proved the quality in several projects already, and we are of the view that the now “well resourced” Learning Technologies Group could, with gomo give Articulate (and others) something to worry about. Why, well unlike a lot of tools claiming to offer HTML5 and mobile delivery, this one has been designed from the outset to deliver just that, and is definitely not an upgrade of an existing code base with all the associated issues that brings.”

I really believe we have a ‘game-changer’ on our hands with gomo. It’s going to be an interesting 12 months and I look forward to seeing where we can take the product and, hopefully, a big proportion of the e-learning community.

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