A phablet is a half-smartphone/ half-tablet hybrid. It has the connectivity through 3g and 4g networks that a traditional smartphone has, but a screen size that is somewhere between a smartphone (around 3.5/ 4 inches) and a tablet (usually around 10 inches).

Apart from Apple, the majority of smartphone vendors have been moving towards the phablet for some time. Take both the Galaxy and the Xperia, for example. Until earlier this week, Apple had always kept the iPhone firmly in smartphone territory at 4 inches or less, but the iPhone 6 and 6+ announcement sees Apple following suit and moving into the phablet world. It’s a significant step because of Apple’s market share and also because  it means that now all of the big players are all telling us that bigger is better.

As we mentioned last week, it won’t take long for the smartphone landscape to shift significantly, and this week’s news is just another sign that it’s happening. It might feel like you have just got used to sharing your life with your smartphone, but the experience looks set to change again.

For us, new screen sizes are just another great way to view our beautiful, HTML5 e-learning content. gomo’s output is responsive and adaptive, meaning that as a gomo subscriber, you know that all the content you create for an existing screen size or device will not only always display on new technology, but will give end users a great experience as well.

A great way to see the power of gomo first-hand is to access our sample course on your desktop, smartphone and any other device you like to see how it adapts to each screen. Alternatively, why not sign up for an upcoming webinar to see how simple it is to create beautiful e-learning for all current and future devices?

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