With the release of our first major update imminent, we’re extremely excited to show you more of the improved functionality of gomo. Our multi-device e-learning authoring tool has been designed to be a constant work in progress with regular updates to give you all the new features you need in the fast-moving world of learning technologies.

With gomo 2.1 now just days away, we have been working hard to incorporate the feedback from our beta programme and our triallists from the past few months.

In gomo 2.1, you can expect lots of new features, including:

  • Display conditions – allowing you to target content to a specific device or devices
  • Screen templates – for even quicker content creation
  • New themes – two beautiful new designs to get you up and running as quickly as possible
  • New assets – even more interactivity and an iFrame asset for embedding external content
  • Multiple language support – via XLIFF translation export/ import.

If you want to see the new features in action, make sure you register for the next gomo webinar on 31st July to learn more about gomo 2.1.

We’ll be telling you more about the detail of these new features very shortly but, for now, our work to improve gomo definitely hasn’t stopped. In fact, we’re already thinking about what we can include in gomo 2.2! That is why we want you to take our gomo summer survey.

The summer survey has been created to help us find out what it is you want from your e-learning authoring tool. We want to know about the way you create content, the devices your learners use and how you want that content to adapt and respond. It’s very quick and straightforward, and it will help us shape the future releases of gomo to give you the exact features you need.

We’re always listening, so please take the survey now, or feel free to tweet us @gomolearning to let us know what you think of our multi-device authoring tool.

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