“Can you close that document please while I make some edits?”

If you’ve ever tried to edit a Microsoft Word document at the same time as someone else, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you have to keep closing the document to give someone else access. Everyone ends up hopping in and out of documents and waiting for other people to finish their section before they can start work themselves.

The beauty of teamwork is that you can pool your ideas and get things done much more quickly and efficiently than having one person working alone. If a larger team had to wait for each individual to work on a project one by one, it would take significantly longer. With gomo, we wanted to take the hassle out of working collaboratively online, meaning your whole team can come together to create beautiful e-learning at the same time.

With the gomo small team licence, you and three colleagues can work on a project together, or with an enterprise licence, large teams can get involved. The sophisticated locking system means that nobody can edit the same part of the course at the same time to avoid overwriting anyone else’s hard work, but everyone can focus on their own sections of content  without needing to disturb anyone else.

What’s more, it’s super easy for the administrator to decide who should have access to which project. This way, everyone only sees what they need to see and no time is wasted browsing through irrelevant courses. Your team can also leave comments on projects so that everyone is on the same page when they access each part of the course and to enable seamless content creation between team members.

Sign up today for a free trial of gomo’s small team package to see for yourself how easy it is to collaborate on projects to create beautiful multi-device learning as a team.

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