For our latest gomo webinar: ‘Microlearning: Your new sales strategy’, Managing Director Mike Alcock and Business Development Manager Thom Tate got together to delve into the topic of microlearning and break down what this learning trend really means for businesses.

Microlearning refers to smaller, bite-sized pieces of learning, as opposed to long, lengthy courses. It’s designed as a more digestible way of absorbing work-based skills and training, with benefits such as time-saving and better retention at the top of microlearning’s long list of qualities.

Webinar overview

In the webinar, Thom explains the list of challenges that today’s modern learners face in busy working environments where time is limited. He then expands on the main benefits of microlearning that can help to alleviate some of these issues. These include speed, increased retention and completion rates, and mobile-ready accessibility for on-the-go refreshment learning. Thom also talks us through a great example of a gomo client-created microlearning course, to give listeners an idea of the type of bite-sized material that can be produced using gomo’s authoring tool.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for yesterday’s webinar. We had a great turn out, which strongly reflects the interest people are showing in microlearning and how it can make a difference to the elearning taking place in their organizations. For anyone who wasn’t able to make it, we’ve included the recording below so you can catch up whenever you like. Stay tuned to gomo’s blog feed because we’ll be posting our usual post-webinar questions and answers tomorrow.

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