“The course embodies our aspirational culture and values. As a learner, you feel valued. It feels interactive and media-rich. It’s light and easy to maintain, but it also feels super-slick.”
– James Barton, Royal Mail Group’s Online Learning Manager

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About Royal Mail Group

Royal Mail is the UK's designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and connecting communities around the United Kingdom with a six-days-a-week service to more than 29 million addresses.

One in every 185 employees in the UK works for the organization, and the impact of the group – amounting to £10.8 billion – made it the fifth-largest contributor to the economy of all UK corporations in the 2015-16 financial year.

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Upskilling and connecting staff through slick, modern learning design

As part of a focus on employee capability, Royal Mail Group identified an opportunity for improvement against a core competence of ‘know the business’.

The key challenge was to deploy a resource that would help people make better decisions, building a greater awareness of how different elements of their organization operate and affect each other.

For example, mailroom staff in remote rural locations may have only worked in one site, and may lack an understanding of the consequences of their decisions on the next part of the journey of a letter.

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How does Royal Mail Group use Gomo?

Having enjoyed a successful long-term partnership with our sister company, LEO Learning, Royal Mail Group knew that Gomo’s capabilities would ensure a bold refresh and reimagining of their training program.

A vertical scrolling course structure created a more relevant user experience that would spark a sense of curiosity among learners – a key ambition for the group – and encourage them to explore content covering the core elements of the group’s operational and support functions.

The ‘Know the Business’ eLearning course uses Gomo’s versatility to guide learners through the organization’s structure using an engaging and original style. A set of vibrant and colorful cartoon characters introduce the learning and business values of the group in a highly visual, relatable and memorable way.

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An engaging learner experience

Learners scroll through a series of business units, laid out on a vertically scrolling menu that acts as a visual metaphor for the journey of a letter. This menu is brought to life in a two-minute introductory animation that outlines Royal Mail Group’s values and why knowing the business is important.

Each business unit topic ends with a formative ‘best-case’ scenario question, with a tendency towards an undercurrent of humor within the stories. Deep scrolling allows long, detailed visual maps to fit within the course, which can also be downloaded for offline use.

“Our business has a reputation of being conservative, which can lead to uninspiring proposals. That’s what we’re trying to get away from. Someone joining us might be starting in a business for the first time, especially if they’re one of our young apprentices. They pick the course up and it feels intuitive to them. It feels like something that’s been designed for mobile devices,” says James Barton, Royal Mail Group’s Online Learning Manager.

Royal Mail Group Gomo learning case study 5

Bite-sized chunks of learning

The overall aim of ‘Know the Business’ was to enable learners to recognize how they impact the business daily. Equally important, the course is intended to show learners how to access support, leading to a reduction in intra-business unit issues and ensuring that support queries are delivered to the appropriate team.

Videos give learners a quick, vibrant burst of information about the important role they play as part of a company with the power to connect people and affect lives. Ultimately, more mail will get where it needs to be on time as a result of the learning, which takes no more than 45 minutes to complete.

“The course embodies our aspirational culture and values. As a learner, you feel valued. It feels interactive and media-rich. It's light and easy to maintain, but it also feels super-slick,” says James.

Menu buttons allow employees to discover more about a variety of departments across the group, and the unique brand and tone of voice of the organization is portrayed in a lively fashion throughout the course.

This Gomo-designed, innovative and highly accessible eLearning shows how a simple navigation style can give a large, broad workforce a deeper overview of a huge company and the valuable part they have to play within it.

An image showing a screen shot of a Royal Mail Group elearning course created with Gomo, showing various Royal Mail employees delivering post to members of the public in a colourful illustration of the group's work

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