Training 20,000 staff using Gomo-authored eLearning content

"We have increased our use of Gomo over time. We initially trained up our internal team but it quickly became flavor of the month so we had to up our subscription to 15 licenses... Gomo is a saving grace for putting out projects."
– Euan Hay, Santander's Digital & Innovation Specialist.

About Santander

Santander is the Eurozone’s largest bank with over 1,000 retail branches in the UK. Santander’s UK training team create learning for over 20,000 UK staff who service the needs of over 14 million customers.

Creating on-brand multi-device eLearning content

Santander have used a number of tools to create training over the years which created a number of issues. “The problems we had were along the lines of workload. The tools we had were too in-depth – they required a lot of knowledge and skill to use them. There was a knowledge gap with so many tools, as our go-to eLearning person could never be so well versed in so many products. We kept licenses for each of the tools in order to maintain our content which also created a bit of a cost issue too,” states Euan Hay Digital & Innovation Specialist at Santander

This led the Santander team to look for a new eLearning authoring tool to create content, something which was intuitive and easy to use but with a ‘top quality’ end product where the design and brand was consistent. Gomo now allows the Santander team to deliver multi-device learning that ticks all of the boxes, with a consistent, branded output taken care of using Gomo’s custom theme capability.

"We have increased our use of Gomo over time. We initially trained up our internal team but it quickly became flavor of the month so we had to up our subscription to 15 licenses. We use most of the features in Gomo and we have the hosting platform as a backup due to problems with our LMS. Gomo is a saving grace for putting out projects… for putting out good projects. Internally, courses didn’t work on certain browsers due to internal restrictions. Mike, Huw and the team were more than happy to work with us to overcome this. Gomo were quick to respond after we raised support tickets. They have a very good support set-up."

Gomo also allows Santander to design and deliver multi-device content which goes beyond the usual ‘click next’ eLearning. Our People Manager Essentials course, which uses a branded template from Gomo, can be adapted to make it almost like a website.

How do Santander use Gomo?

We use it to make web-ready content that goes out to 7,000 smartphones and 1,000 iPads. Because Gomo outputs responsive mobile content, everything just works on all of our devices.

"It’s not just one particular thing we benefit from… ease of use, go-to features, drag and drop functionality... You can make things as media rich as possible without overkill. We’re now beginning to look at feedback and questions a lot more, which is a real benefit."

Gomo allows Santander to produce brand approved content at a fraction of the previous cost. Gomo’s ease of use allows internal colleagues to create engaging content quickly without third party involvement. Our specific Santander themes ensures content has a similar, consistent look and feel.

Using Gomo has allowed the team at Santander to work collaboratively in one tool to design, publish and deliver multi-device content that’s consistent, on-brand and ready for multi-device consumption.

To discover the power of Gomo's award-winning authoring, delivery and analytics capabilities for yourself, please contact us.

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  • 20,000 UK staff
  • 14 million customers
  • 1,000 UK retail branches
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