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gomo authoring is a browser based cloud solution (cloud-based) and features online access and storage, which allows for safe back up and maintenance of course content remotely, rather than locally.

eLearning courses produced in gomo are automatically stored and managed in the cloud, eliminating the need for complicated software uploads or downloads. Because they are authored this way, they can be delivered instantly from the cloud to anyone who has access to the internet.

gomo’s cloud based architecturegomo’s cloud based architecture

Easily implemented

Unlike a traditional eLearning authoring tool, you won’t need to physically download and install software onto your desktop to begin using gomo. It works directly from your internet browser, and from here you’ll only need your gomo credentials to log in and begin creating and delivering eLearning courses. Because there is no need for downloads, licence keys, permissions from your IT team, or the complicated maintenance that traditional desktop authoring tools require, you’ll be saving both time and money.

Multi-lingual elearning - Screenshot of gomo software in usegomo’s WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) authoring – inside a web browser

Centralized development

Using a cloud-based authoring tool helps you to centralize your work into a single, easily accessible place. In gomo, eLearning courses can be produced, delivered, updated and tracked from a shared central resources area in the cloud. Working within a central area helps you to get your content organized, make sure that everyone is aligned, and helps bring consistency across your brand.

gomo's themesgomo themes in the cloud, accessible to all team members

Collaborative working using authoring tools for elearning

gomo’s cloud-based storage helps to facilitate quality collaboration within organizations, allowing you to work in ways that may have previously been limited by location. Because all courses are stored in a virtual area that can be accessed by anyone that has permission, all your team needs is an internet connection to collaborate with ease – in real time. Courses can be worked on by multiple users simultaneously, and reflect live progress made to the content.

Additionally, gomo users can preview elearning courses before they are published, either ‘live’ in a browser, by direct link or by using a QR code. Once a course has been shared, reviewers are able to provide feedback about the course directly onto the course pages, allowing the learning design team to make improvements before it goes live. No more spreadsheets or email trails.

automatic content lockingAutomatic content locking for guaranteed course integrity when working as a team

Easy updates

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based authoring with gomo is that your eLearning content won’t become outdated. Once you’ve created your course, you’re free to make as many changes as often and as quickly as you like, from anywhere you can access the Internet. You’re no longer tied to the desktop. This ability helps organizations in fast-paced environments where regular content updates are crucial to business success.

Safe and secure cloud storage

Working within the cloud with gomo means you never have to worry about losing your hard work – when you create a course, it is automatically backed up to the cloud. Even if you have a technical issue and your computer goes down, your work on the course will still be there in the cloud. Additionally, admin control and password protection on your courses mean that only selected people can gain access to the data, so it’s safe in the cloud.

We’ve highlighted the benefits of using gomo for it’s cloud-based storage solutions. So whether you’re interested in straightforward set-up, simple updating, facilitating smooth teamwork or the security of a back-up option, we’d love you to sign up for a free 21-day trial today.