From niche learning content to recruitment portals: How Companies House unleashed the power of Gomo’s versatility

We needed to educate homeowners on a key issue that doesn’t get a lot of attention—and we wanted to get that information across in an engaging, friendly, and tailored way. Thanks to Gomo, the number of queries and questions we receive on the issue has been meaningfully reduced.

- Gary Townley, Senior Communications Manager at Companies House


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About Companies House

Sponsored by the UK government’s Department for Business and Trade, Companies House registers and stores information on every UK-based limited company and makes those details available to members of the public.

The challenge: Educating homeowners on obscure information to reduce incoming queries

In 2019, Companies House found itself facing an unusual challenge.

In the UK, residents of some apartment buildings can come together to form companies—it’s a way for apartment owners to collectively manage, maintain, and insure the buildings they live in. While this is a handy way to keep building maintenance under control, it comes with a significant side effect: people will buy an apartment and find themselves unexpectedly becoming directors of limited companies, which has significant legal implications if it’s not appropriately handled.

Directorship comes with a range of responsibilities, and Companies House was receiving a number of queries from new-found directors looking for more information about what was expected of them.

To address this problem, Companies House needed a straightforward and user-friendly way to educate inadvertent directors. But, as a government organization, it needed to achieve that with a solution that met key accessibility and security criteria.

That’s where Gomo came in.

There were two sides to our decision to use Gomo. On the one hand, as a government organization, there are several requirements we have to follow around accessibility, security, and so on. In that light, the fact that other parts of the UK government already trusted Gomo was a big tick for us. And the other reason was that Gomo obviously looks fantastic, it’s user-friendly for learners, and it’s so easy for us to make changes and incorporate elements like quizzes and videos for extra engagement.

- Gary Townley, Senior Communications Manager at Companies House

The solution: Producing tailored and engaging content powered by a government-trusted authoring platform

This obscure and potentially complex issue required a tailored solution that went beyond reading information on a website. Instead, Companies House wanted to implement a formal learning course that takes these new-found directors through the process screen by screen in a friendly, easy-to-grasp, and informative way.

Thanks to Gomo, Companies House was able to achieve exactly that. The UK’s population of unsuspecting company directors no longer need to send queries to Companies House as their only means of gaining clarity on their unique situation. Instead, they can work through a Gomo-powered course that guides them through their legal responsibilities, record-keeping requirements, and other directorship essentials.

Not only do users get the answers they need from this course, but Companies House has been able to upgrade its communications with learning features that help new directors recall and retain key information. The building management course includes a quiz, embedded videos, and a dedicated hub page, all courtesy of Gomo’s extensive array of features.

Since the building management course launched in 2019, it’s had over 17,000 users. That’s an impressive figure, especially since it was built to tackle a fairly obscure problem. It’s also led to a reduction in queries, allowing the Companies House team to spend less time fielding questions and more time dedicated to other essential activities.

The results: Expanding Gomo’s use cases to incorporate recruitment material, internal training, and newsletters

While Companies House is pleased with the outcome of its building management course, the results don’t stop there.

In light of its initial success, Companies House has gone on to create Gomo courses on a range of different topics. Gomo-designed courses now help educate external learners on various kinds of companies, the broader responsibilities of a director, and similar subject matter.

As Companies House became more familiar with Gomo’s versatile range of capabilities, and following the strong outcomes of its learning material, the organization started creatively using Gomo to produce other forms of communications content.

For example, Companies House’s Gomo instance now contains a recruitment portal that guides prospective employees through its application process—a resource that’s had over 5,000 launches since implementation. Meanwhile, with the help of Gomo’s parallax scrolling feature, the organization has experimented with using the platform to create newsletters. With the sense of depth and motion that parallax brings, these newsletters offered a more dynamic, engaging, and polished alternative to a conventional update.

As Companies House’s relationship with Gomo continues to evolve, the team is finding new and exciting ways to leverage everything Gomo offers.

Ready to take advantage of Gomo’s versatility?

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