Halving the production costs for a customizable , off-the-shelf content library

We use Gomo because it’s flexible, scalable, and future-proof. It’s a very user-friendly tool that allows every team that touches it to avoid long processes or costly development time. SMEs can easily jump in and add in a couple of extra pages, and the end-result is visually more varied than a lot of similar authoring tools.

- Dr. Liz Hornby - Principal Consultant, LEO GRC.


LEO GRC is a division of LEO Learning, one of Gomo’s sister companies within Learning Technologies Group. They are a learning technology business that regularly uses Gomo when creating courses. LEO GRC works specifically on Governance, Risk, and Compliance and the team has been assisting a mix of corporate and government clients since 2005.

Among its key offerings is the LEO Academy, which offers a number of off-the-shelf GRC courses, allowing customers to teach common topics with tried-and-tested resources written by LEO GRC experts. This content is used by all kinds of L&D departments—from one-person teams to multinational financial institutions.

The challenge: Creating off-the-shelf courses that make things easy for both designers and customers

A good number of LEO GRC buyers want to be able to add their logo or a small amount of covering content to these courses in order to make them fit their brand and the rest of their learning library. With their original authoring tool, making these changes was a more complicated process than it needed to be.

Similarly, when customers wanted bigger changes—to colors, fonts, and images, but also content reshuffles or entirely new sections better tailored to the business—LEO GRC’s previous setup meant that only their in-house designers could make them.

A new authoring tool was needed, one that could deliver a better off-the-shelf experience for both LEO Academy buyers and LEO GRC itself. The tool needed to balance plenty of customization options with ease of use, and give a great-looking result wherever the eLearning was used.

Our clients want to make learning easily accessible. The ‘Take 5’ microlearning format gives them the right kind of bite-sized courses that fit easily into the busy lives of their employees. Furthermore, Gomo’s responsive capabilities help deliver on the easy-access promise across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. In Gomo, we’re able to make short, interactive, interesting training and we have received fantastic feedback about these courses meeting these exact needs.

- Matthew Saward - LEO Academy Manager, LEO GRC.

The solution: Scalable and customizable eLearning authoring with Gomo

With plenty of customization options, fully responsive HTML5 themes, and delivery options for LEO GRC and its customers to work with, Gomo delivered a better way of working for everyone. LEO GRC quickly and easily moved its existing off-the-shelf learning library to Gomo, and can now easily update those courses as and when governance and compliance standards change.

Because Gomo’s courses are fully SCORM- and xAPI-compliant, they easily slot into any LMS or other learning environment, no matter who the eventual customer is. Similarly, though the GRC space is generally desktop-first, Gomo opens up mobile and tablet use. This is ideal for the microlearning formats the LEO GRC team is creating and future-proofing the courses for changing trends.

If LEO GRC’s customers want to make their own tweaks, LEO GRC can help them get a Gomo license and point them in the direction of everything they need to dive straight in. This is a quick and easy process, with no specialist knowledge required. Otherwise, LEO GRC is on hand to quickly make the visual and content changes customers need.

Gomo has a wide range of interactions, media types, and themes that have really hit the spot for LEO GRC customers. Wherever the courses end up, Gomo allows each organization to carve unique and brand-ready results out of great stock content.

The results: Production costs halved, dramatically reduced development time

Using Gomo has made the LEO Academy more cost-effective. It’s easier to use and navigate than their previous tool, making it simple to duplicate and update existing courses. The LEO Academy’s ‘Take 5’ microlearning series has particularly benefited from this—Gomo allows for the format to be quickly copied, and dropping in new topics and content is effortless. Eight of these ‘Take 5’ courses are in various stages of development and further ideas can be quickly taken to market as needed.

Creation time for new courses has fallen significantly as a result. What used to take months now takes weeks, shrinking development times to around one-third of what they once were while halving the overall cost of production.

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