How Gomo supplemented Warner Music’s small learning team with employee-generated content

Partnering with Gomo for our in-house content creation needs has allowed us to remove the roadblocks for our SMEs. We’re able to centrally set the standards, accessibility, and language requirements for our content, ensuring that SMEs don’t get bogged down in the authoring world and allowing them to focus on getting their invaluable knowledge into the hands of our people.

- Josh Novelle, Senior Director of People Experience and Insights


digitized inductions


training project completed within six months

Sizable reductions

in digital learning queries

About Warner Music

Warner Music Group works with hundreds of artists (including Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Madonna) to record and publish a wealth of genre-spanning music. Though headquartered in New York City, the Group has a presence in 70 countries and a workforce of over 5,500 people.

The challenge: Increasing SME-led content creation while onboarding a high-turnover audience of over 5,000 employees

As an international collective, Warner Music Group is a highly compartmentalized organization. From an L&D perspective, this means that the Group has an array of different learning requirements for its various arms and departments.

At the same time, the Group has limited learning resources. In 2021, the collective’s 5,500-strong workforce was catered to by a single L&D professional, and that number hasn’t grown significantly since.

As such, the Group needed a way to enable its subject matter experts (SMEs) to quickly create quality learning content at scale. The Group envisioned an affiliate model for learning which would maximize the use of its learning professionals as a form of quality assurance and control. At the same time, the specialist knowledge of its SMEs would ensure that every discrete part of the collective received the engaging and expert-driven training it needed.

Warner Music Group also wanted to build in-house digital induction modules for its onboarding process. This was a necessary step in order to manage a large employee base with turnover rates typical for the creative industries. However, the Group needed to ensure that a workforce with varying levels of digital competencies and experience levels was able to manage a digital-only training environment.

Our use cases for Gomo have evolved from mandatory onboarding to change management projects in areas like finance. Gomo allows us to create short, sharp learning pieces that now form part of a playlist for explaining how the business works— which is especially important since finance touches every single part of the business.

- Robin Lal, Product Success Manager

The solution: Familiar, easy-to-use eLearning that allows for collaboration and relevant onboarding to each department

By creating content in Gomo, Warner Media Group’s SMEs have been supported by an intuitive layout that facilitates unfussy instructional design, allowing them to showcase and communicate their expertise in memorable ways, despite a lack of authoring experience.

With the help of Gomo’s review links, SME content creators can swiftly receive feedback, amendments, and best-practice guidance from the Group’s learning professionals, ensuring that all eLearning maintains a high level of quality while taking pressure off the core learning team. Similarly, Gomo allows every author to create reliably accessible content, ensuring that SMEs have access to the same inclusive features as full-blown instructional designers.

More broadly, the Group has taken advantage of Gomo’s intuitive qualities to improve its onboarding process and reach its digitization goals while remaining mindful of varying digital proficiency levels among its workforce. Gomo’s accordions, sub-pages, and similar layout features provide less tech-savvy employees with eLearning resources reminiscent of the web pages they’re familiar with.

The results: Enthusiastic digital adoption and engagement alongside expanding use cases for Gomo’s capabilities

Since Warner Music Group’s adoption of Gomo in 2021, the organization has seen a noticeable increase in digital engagement. The Group credits Gomo with acclimatizing a less technologically adept workforce to digital practices, which led to the creation of a 100% digitized induction process.

This enthusiastic adoption of digital practices also pertains to Gomo itself, as the Group’s SMEs have embraced the process of creating and owning their learning content. Thanks to Gomo’s straightforwardness, SMEs no longer need to lean on the core L&D team for storyboarding or attend time-consuming workshops. This has led to a reduction in digital learning-related queries to the Group’s central people experience team.

In addition to using Gomo for onboarding and to train employees in the use of digital tools, the Group was also able to rapidly produce learning content in line with its strategic objectives. The Group’s L&D team was, for example, able to build and send out purchase order training for a 1,000-strong audience with a rapid six-month turnaround.

In a broader sense, Gomo’s success as an onboarding tool has inspired Warner Music Group to expand its usage of Gomo’s content authoring capabilities. Rather than solely delivering mandatory courses, Gomo’s role has now evolved to encompass broader business transformation and change management projects.

In particular, Gomo has been instrumental in an organization-wide finance transformation project. Its engaging and easy-to-use courses now play a role in onboarding, training staff in purchase order software, and covering organization-wide upskilling in support of this project which touches all parts of the organization.

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