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gomo’s built-in xAPI (experience API or Tin Can) reporting dashboard gives you an easy and visual way to analyze learner data. Instantly view items such as:

  • who has (or hasn’t) taken the training
  • training dates
  • results
  • completions.
  • device types
  • individual questions and answers
  • passes, fails and completions

gomo automatically tracks every single user event, giving you access to rich and detailed data to analyze and improve your learning programs.



The gomo analytics dashboard allows you to view reports by date range, learning, device type, geography and more. Advanced analytics will allow you to see trends and drill down into detailed information on learning effectiveness.



From the dashboard, you can drill down into detailed reports page where seven different reports allow you to focus in on your learner activity. The reports include project launches, completions, passes and failures; locations of course use; device types used and all tracked activities for the project.

Export any of your data to Excel for your in-house reporting needs.

SCORM LMS wrapper

SCORM LMS wrapper

With gomo’s SCORM LMS wrapper, you can embed gomo courses directly into any SCORM LMS. This is done through the use of our SCORM LMS wrapper file (a tiny file of just 17KB!). Once embedded, your courses can be updated instantly without the hassle of republishing, SCORM, Zip, FTP, upload, download etc.... your LMS users will immediately see the new version, saving you hours of time and hassle.

Best of all, gomo will track your courses with full xAPI tracking, giving you far richer data than you'll ever get from a SCORM LMS.​

Your LMS can still be used to provide your compliance and HR data but gomo can give you far richer insights into learner behavior.

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