From Tool Selection to Measurement: 6 Steps to eLearning Authoring Success [ebook]

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Word count: 9,500 Chapters: 6

Featuring contributions from six members of Gomo’s specialized team, ‘From Tool Selection to Measurement: 6 Steps to eLearning Authoring Success’ offers an in-depth re-examination of the whole eLearning authoring process. Starting at the very beginning—selecting an authoring tool—read our ebook to learn about tool budgeting, staff training, content creation, content testing and performance measuring.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into eLearning authoring, or working to refine an established content approach, let us guide you towards best practice and flag some often overlooked issues that we see again and again. These are topics that we expect organizations to revisit, no matter their size or individual challenges.

Download the ebook and discover how to:

  • Define your needs and lay the groundwork before purchasing a new learning tool
  • Work to your budget and build content that secures budget increases
  • Introduce and effectively transition staff to a new tool
  • Create high-quality, effective learning content
  • Review your content in line with best practice in order to avoid common oversights
  • Track the content you launch and use data to refine it

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