Gomo Authoring: Technology for Agile Design [Webinar Recording]

Watch the recording

Today’s learners have some specific requirements when it comes to skills development. Short snippets, collaboration, and relevance are now must-haves for training programs. But how does that change how we design eLearning?

In this webinar recording, we’ll see how the right authoring technology can help you reduce the time it takes to create relevant content and how you can effectively collaborate with subject matter experts to get the very best eLearning to your people quickly.

Watch the recording for insights on:

  • How rapid content iteration is possible with the right tools
  • Why SME collaboration and content generation creates the most relevant content
  • How instructional designers can now serve in more of an advisory capacity
  • Why perfect content is not always the best content as long as you have the tools to properly enhance when changes are required.

Access the recording below.

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