How to Create Visually Stunning eLearning: Design Tips That Work Every Time [Guide]

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Word count: 3,500 Chapters: 6

When creating eLearning at speed and scale, it can be easy to let visual design standards slip. But how your eLearning looks is important. It helps make your content feel more credible, valuable, and easy to use.

A great looking course is a catalyst for learning and can provide a much-needed lift to overwise unexciting learning content. However, the demands of publishing digital learning today can sometimes leave you feeling rushed on key design decisions.

Our guide will help you make the right decisions on key visuals quickly and accurately, as well as set the standards that can be applied to your future courses.

Download the guide to discover:

  • What bad visual design looks like (and how you can fix it)
  • Why everything starts with your learning objectives and target audience
  • Why you should set up a branded style template
  • How to choose the right images for your courses
  • The technical considerations for image and video hosting

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