13 Ways to Get the Most Out of eLearning Storyboard Templates [Guide]

Download the Guide and Storyboard Template
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Storyboarding in eLearning provides a vital role in delivering projects efficiently and on time. They offer a visual way to share ideas, collaborate with SMEs, and to lay out your content at a screen-by-screen level.

By documenting the rough visuals, interactions, assets, and other crucial details of the learning journey you want to build, storyboarding becomes an essential tool in the eLearning design process. 

Learn how to get the most out of storyboard templates, from planning your overall course structure to breaking down the content and features at a screen-by-screen level. You’ll find a sample completed template to provide guidance and inspiration, plus there’s a handy blank template to get you started.

Download the guide to discover:

  • The benefits of an eLearning storyboard
  • Tips for getting the most out of your storyboard
  • How a storyboard focuses your learner journey on meeting learning objectives

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