5 Pointers for Effective Remote Training [Insight]

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With larger numbers of people than ever before working remotely, certain technologies, standards, and best practices have made everyone’s lives easier. Drawing on insights from experts at Gomo, LEO Learning and Watershed, this downloadable PDF sets out five pointers that will get your organization training more effectively wherever they are.

We cannot always control when and where the training content we produce will be consumed. However, with careful planning, it is possible to ensure that the training we all create is ready to serve its purpose at any time and on any device.

From guidance on adapting face-to-face sessions for remote audiences, to specific ways you can improve the questions you ask your trainees, download our insight today, and discover:

  • How to adapt material for an audience working from home
  • The platforms and standards that make home-working easier
  • The importance of being flexible with how and when you set quizzes
  • Best-practice tips for setting quiz question context
  • How bringing data points together will help you achieve your business goals

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