How to Move Training Online Quickly [Webinar Recording]

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Global businesses are experiencing a period of change and adaptation as we learn to operate largely out of our homes instead of our offices. For many L&D teams, this can mean that an effective face-to-face training strategy is suddenly not possible, and for this and many other reasons, a digital training program needs to be developed and rolled out quickly.

In this recording, the first in our ‘eLearning For a Home-Based Workforce’ how-to webinar series, Gomo’s Huw Edwards will be joined by LEO Learning’s Lead Learning Designer, Nic Price, to share their expertise and offer top tips to help you move your training online.

Watch the on-demand recording to discover:

  • How your training can be adapted for online delivery
  • The role of eLearning in an online blend
  • Tips for creating eLearning quickly and easily
  • Simple approaches you can develop quickly
  • Ways to roll out this new training to your staff

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