Team members

Phil Wilkinson

As a developer, I strive to push Gomo to utilise the smartest and leading technologies to further the team’s and client’s experience when using our product. I bring a wide and varied scope of insight into technologies ranging from IT systems & computer hardware to writing bespoke systems and interoperability within large entities (e.g. NHS). I have experience of developing and managing solutions for large clients, and innovating products with a market penetration of approximately four-fifths of the UK in the respective sector.

Being the youngest member, I inject energy and fun into the group dynamic because a day at work never needs to be dull! Outside of work, I attempt to lead a healthy balance between sport/being active, and dwelling in the basement surrounded by computers. I never think of work as ‘work’, but rather as an extension of my hobby.

I am optimistic that Gomo will always push the boundaries within the eLearning space, and look forward to seeing what we can achieve to help others.

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