Gomo ranked as one of Training Industry's top authoring tools

The Gomo team is thrilled to kick off the year with the fantastic news that we’ve been featured in Training Industry’s 2017 list of 20 top authoring tools.

The list is designed by Training Industry to help businesses find the best products on the authoring tool market to meet their training requirements. Gomo was recognized by Training Industry for its ability to “create, host, update and track beautiful multi-device eLearning, anywhere.”

"This is among the highest of accolades an authoring tool can achieve and a testament to the pioneering development of the Gomo team over the last three years. To be ranked alongside companies that have been around for 20 years or longer shows how far we have come in revolutionizing eLearning development and delivery. The introduction of the Gomo learning suite with integrated hosting and analytics for instant content distribution makes Gomo significantly different from traditional authoring tools. We believe that we have a unique set of capabilities and that has been recognized with this award.” Mike Alcock, Managing Director of Gomo.

Gomo ranked as one of eLearning's top authoring tools

Our most recent achievement from Training Industry joins a growing list of accomplishments we’re incredibly proud of:

  • In 2016, Gomo was named as the number-one authoring tool in the world by Craig Weiss, an expert in the eLearning field.
  • Last year also saw Gomo feature in Fosway Group’s 9-grid™ report on authoring tools and their position as a provider in the current market.
  • In 2015, Brandon Hall Group awarded our authoring tool gold in their Content Authoring Technology awards.

Gomo's stand-out characteristics as an eLearning authoring tool include the ability to deliver content on a global scale while allowing employees to work collaboratively. Additionally, Gomo users are able to synchronize their training courses to their branding by using the tool’s customizable themes.

Gomo’s expanding customer base includes several organizations with global reach, such as EE, L'Oreal, British Airways, Jaguar Land Rover, Rentokil Initial, Vodafone, United Healthcare, Santander, the BBC Academy, Boots, Fitness First, O2, LEO Learning, and many more.

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