Gomo’s 2022 year in review: 5 improvements and updates you may have missed

Gomo’s 2022 year in review: 5 improvements and updates you may have missed

It’s been an action-packed year here at Gomo HQ. Coming hot on the trail of our recognition as a leading eLearning authoring tool, 2022 saw several of our team members standing among the best and brightest players in eLearning technology at events as far afield as London and Las Vegas.

More importantly, 2022 brought with it a series of substantial improvements and new features that take the characteristically convenient Gomo experience to the next level. If you missed any of our announcements over the course of the year, now’s the perfect time to browse through some of our select favorites.

1) Industry recognition

As the year began, we were still basking in the glory of being featured in eLearning Industry's Best eLearning Authoring Tools of 2022.

Elearning Industry was quick to spot some of the many qualities that define the Gomo experience. These include straightforward cloud collaboration, rapid content updates and distribution, and the uncompromising combination of power and simplicity that Gomo has always prided itself on offering.

2) Feature update highlights

Every year sees a wealth of upgrades to our themes, user experience features, and general architecture—and 2022 has been no exception! Read on to get a taste of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Instant preview

Once upon a time, previewing your courses was a multi-step process. Before you could experience the full effects of your carefully crafted courses, you had to save, rebuild, and load each and every preview.

Today, it’s a different story. The new instant preview function is—as its name suggests—a quick and easy way to refine your course content in real time without any interruptions. It’s a great way for your learning designers to improve efficiency and course quality in one fell swoop.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) is no longer just a nice-to-have. For many organizations, it’s essential that employees are able to use the same ID to log into several different systems.

That’s why Gomo’s 2022 updates include SSO functionality that’s compliant with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standards. In other words, you can rest assured that your SSO is as secure as it is convenient.

Live delivery improvements

Gomo Delivery has come a long way in 2022. Not only does the service allow you to update your eLearning courses at lightning speed with the help of a tiny LMS wrapper, but the newest iteration of Gomo Delivery can now help you maintain multiple versions of the same course across different LMSs.

With the Gomo Delivery dashboard on hand to manage your various dispatch routes, you’ll find all the existing convenience of instant updates magnified throughout your platforms.

Similar improvements have been made to the depth and quality of reporting, which can now provide question-level data on your eLearning assessments—giving you unparalleled insights into your learners’ progress.

3) An array of accessibility improvements

Gomo has always been animated by a mission to make eLearning courses as straightforward as possible, and accessibility is a huge part of that goal. That’s why 2022 saw an array of accessibility improvements released throughout the year.

We’re particularly proud of our ongoing efforts to improve the Gomo experience for learners who use screen readers. We’ve been hard at work to ensure that:

  • The JAWS screen reader can identify hyperlinks
  • Screen readers will focus on subscreens automatically as they’re opened
  • Accordions now include a heading tag, making them more compatible with screen readers

There’s plenty more to come in the world of accessibility, and we’re always on the lookout for user feedback as we continue to make Gomo’s courses a friction-free experience for every learner.

Take a closer look at Gomo’s feature improvements:

Gomo in 2022: 5 exciting updates, from live delivery to instant previews

4) International event attendance

In between feature updates, we’ve had an active presence at some of 2022’s most significant and exciting eLearning-related events, including DevLearn and World of Learning. It was a real pleasure to get back in the saddle following a year or two of understandable restrictions to in-person events, and we had some fantastic conversations with old and new customers alike.

We were especially pleased to hear such an enthusiastic response from customers in London and Las Vegas who are enjoying the convenience and accessibility of Gomo’s multi-language features.

5) Here’s what customers have been saying about Gomo in 2022

Client feedback wasn’t limited to events this year—we were also pleased to receive in-depth perspectives on what makes Gomo great from the clients who know best.

According to Charben Alilio, Technology Enhanced Learning Officer at the Leeds Teching Hospitals NHS Trust, “Gomo arrived exactly as face-to-face training was halted in March 2020. Training we now needed to deliver as eLearning was paramount to ensure patient safety in the hospital. So the fact that Gomo has such a user-friendly interface allowed us to create eLearning packages at a really fast rate and accommodate the need during a pressured time in the hospital. It helped a lot to have Gomo as a tool then, and it continues to help us today.”

Gomo also powers training programs at AO North America, a customer that takes full advantage of Gomo’s responsiveness.

Lisa D. Anderson, Senior Instructional Designer at AO Milestones, pointed out earlier this year that “what happens with many adaptive tools is you can stretch it out and zoom in to see it, but it's not as meaningful. Gomo’s responsive panels ensure that as you move to a different device, the content is still preserved, it’s still dynamic, and the message is uncompromised.”

Explore our full collection of case studies:

Customer stories

What to expect in the near future

The Gomo team is always hard at work to deliver new degrees of content authoring convenience—and 2023 will be no exception.

Our Live Delivery feature is set to be supplemented by Gomo Engage: an upcoming feature that will act as a learner portal for customers who don’t have an LMS.

You can also expect continuous and robust accessibility improvements, coupled with an accessibility roadmap that will demonstrate the depth of our commitment to making every interaction as smooth as possible.

Ready to try it out?

Check out our series of Gomo feature mini demos, or sign up for a free trial today.

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