Conference and Expo

October 20-22

Visiting DevLearn this year? Come and find us at booth 501 alongside our friends Bridge and Instilled!

The Gomo will be there ready to talk to you about your eLearning authoring and delivery needs and providing demos.

We'll also be giving an expo talk 'Creating eLearning for Global Audiences: Tips for Saving Time and Money' on Wednesday 20th, 12:15pm-1:00pm.

Creating eLearning for global audiences presents some unique challenges. How do you create content that speaks to your audience, wherever they are in the world?

Working at scale allows you to benefit from economies of scale. The small decisions you make when planning, building, and delivering your eLearning can all add up to make a big difference. We’ll show you some great ways to embed value into your current—and future—courses, including:

  • How to build content just once, and deliver it to a global audience
  • The features that drive efficient course building
  • The small changes that, when scaled, offer big savings.

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