Webinar: Making Your eLearning Better: Visual Design Tips

Tuesday, 25th August. 4pm BST / 10am CT

When creating eLearning at speed and scale, it can be easy to let visual design standards slip. But visual design in eLearning matters. It improves the learning experience, helps keep learners engaged and can provide a much-needed lift to overwise unexciting learning content.

So what are some easy changes you can make to your eLearning to make a difference? Join Gomo’s Huw Edwards, Business Development Executive, and Simon Waldram, Customer Success Manager, for some top tips we’ve seen our customers using to catch learners’ attention.

Join us as we cover:

  • Tips on picking the right graphics
  • Easily branding and rebranding courses
  • How to fix common bad design pitfalls

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