How to easily create multi-language eLearning courses

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Language and location present their own challenges when it comes to delivering learning to international audiences. How do you create a single course that translates into multiple languages? What about right-to-left’ languages?

Wherever your learners are, and whatever language they speak, follow these simple steps, and you can deliver a personalized learning experience that’s universally understood.

Join Gomo’s Simon and Huw as they cover:

  • Should you translate in-house or use an agency?
  • What is machine translation?
  • Tips and tricks for XLIFF success
  • How to localize content (and cater for regional language variances)

Plus, see it in action as we build a sample course showing:

  • XLIFF import and export
  • Right-to-left languages
  • How to localize content based on both language and location

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