Webinar: eLearning and the Great Resignation

How to Retain Staff and Overcome Your L&D Team Challenges

Is your workplace seeing an unprecedented surge in talented people quitting? Then you might be falling victim to ‘The Great Resignation’, a movement causing serious issues for companies as people exit their roles en masse.

Providing valuable training can help retain existing workers and attract new ones, but how can you roll out training at the pace that’s needed without it losing impact? And what if the recruitment crisis has left your L&D team understaffed and struggling to keep up?

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn more about what’s causing The Great Resignation
  • Understand the importance of eLearning at this time
  • Find out how to get impactful training out fast
  • Discover how to plug the gaps in your own team to make it happen

Hosted by Gomo and our friends at Bridge:

Huw Edwards, Business Development Executive, Gomo Learning
Simon Waldram, Customer Success Manager, Gomo Learning
Mark Probert, VP of Revenue, Bridge

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