How Bridge LMS enables employee growth and continuous skill development

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August 3rd, 3:30pm BST / 9:30 CT

At Gomo we believe that creating great eLearning is key to employee development and retention. We also believe that how an organization delivers that learning and how it supports the entire employee growth journey are equally important pieces of the puzzle. That’s why we’d love to invite you to have a look at another product in the Learning Technologies Group family of companies: Bridge.

Bridge is the powerfully simple LMS and performance management platform that’s helping millions of teammates connect, align, and grow together.

Join Gomo and Bridge as we discuss why developmentally-minded organizations share two traits: first, their employees, managers, and leaders are continually learning how to help each other grow; and second, they create space for feedback, upskilling, goal setting, and conversation.

In this demo session hosted by Gomo’s Business Development Executive Huw Edwards, and Bridge Account Executive Usman Arshad, we will show you how to use Bridge's industry-leading learning and performance platform to enable true employee development, and connect learning to organizational and individual outcomes.

Join us and discover:

  • Why learning and performance strategies are key to organizational alignment and employee development
  • How to eliminate complex processes and simplify L&D solutions
  • Why culture, conversations, and feedback matter and how Bridge can scale, track, and deliver insight to help make them possible
  • How to use Bridge's learning and performance platform to make development a habit and to foster learning at your organization

See why Josh Bersin calls Bridge “the most truly integrated, visually compelling, easy-to-use talent system on the market”!

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