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If, like many large organizations, your workforce is based across multiple countries then it’s likely that many different languages will be spoken by your staff. If this is the case, you’re probably wondering how to simplify the way you deliver training to each and every globally dispersed employee. gomo’s authoring tool makes it simple to create elearning content in a variety of languages.

Using gomo, you are able to produce one single course which can contain all the languages that your learners need, helping you to supply consistent learning for your organization around the world. This saves you the time and effort involved in building one course per language.

Translating eLearning content

The gomo HTML5 authoring tool allows you to easily create multiple language versions of eLearning courses using XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) translation export and import. With the help of the quick wizard functionality, you begin by selecting a default language for the content, alongside all the secondary languages you and your learners will need. The content from the course will then be exported to your translation service provider for conversion into the other languages. Next, simply re-import the translated text into the course to enable the different language versions of the eLearning content. Each language variation of the course will be kept safely in the gomo editor, so you can view them at any time you like.

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Choose a language

Once the courses have been translated using XLIFF translation export and import, learners will simply need to select the language they want to take the course in when they first begin. This can be changed throughout the training if necessary.

Screenshot of gomo software in use

Localizing course content

If you have localization in addition to translation requirements, gomo helps you to get the right content to the right person. If, for example, you have employees in Germany, Spain and France, using gomo’s course editor you are able to ensure that staff in these locations each receive the relevant pieces of translated content. The French learners will hear the French audio, the Spanish learners will see the Spanish video and so forth.

You might also need to adapt the translated content to meet different regional requirements. This could be due to laws and legislation that vary from country to country, or cultural differences that might affect the type of training you need to deliver.

Multi-lingual elearning - Screenshot of gomo software in use

Responsive design

Translating a course from one language into another could mean that the content becomes shorter or longer after altering the words or even alphabet. Because gomo is a responsive and adaptive piece of technology which uses HTML5 as its base, eLearning course content automatically changes lengths without affecting how it displays on the screen. Multiple language learning content created with gomo will work on any device, whether that’s a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Multilingual support

gomo makes it possible to create and deliver eLearning in multiple languages to learners all over the world. To recap, gomo’s multi-device eLearning authoring tool:

  • Ensures you don’t waste time creating multiple unnecessary courses, by helping you to produce multilingual content all within a single course.
  • Uses an XLIFF export and import format so that you can send a selected piece of content to your translators, receive the translated eLearning and import it back it to your course before it’s delivered to your global workforce.
  • Allows learners to simply select their language before they begin, so they can start training in their mother tongue/preferred language instantly.
  • Allows you to localize your content to help you meet cultural and legal requirements in different parts of the world, and deliver the correct training to people in their preferred/native language.
  • Makes sure that your content looks beautiful on any device after translation, thanks to its responsive and adaptive design, so there’s no need to worry about text becoming longer or shorter during the translation process.

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