Gomo Showcase

See Gomo's powerful interactive authoring tool features in action

Bank of England eLearning course built in Gomo

Visual Design

Built by our sister company LEO Learning, this impressive eLearning module highlights the security features on Bank of England banknotes.

Quickly embed maps, videos and other interactive features using iFrames

Content Creation

You can easily add video and audio content to your courses. Gomo also supports iFrame content too, meaning you can embed externally hosted content (e.g. a YouTube or Instilled video or H5P content).

The Gomo interactions reference library


This provides all of the Gomo features within a single course, so it’s even easier to see how your assets will look, feel, and function.

See our randomized question banks in action with this sample course


This example course demonstrates a geography-based quiz that presents a series of randomized questions from a question bank.

Intuitive features: Learn how to copy screens between courses

Content Creation

If you want to reuse a screen you’ve created in another topic or course, simply copy and paste it where you need it to go.

Personalize the learner experience using branching scenarios

Content Creation

Building branching scenarios into your course is easy with Gomo. Use a combination of display conditions and variables to track user decisions (e.g. role filter) and build your content journey based on a number of pathways through the content.

Simple course structure visualization

Content Creation

See a visual layout of the topics and sub-topics in your course. Planning and amending your content is easy with our clear and simple course structure.

Build and manage a centralized resource library

Resource management

Build and manage a centralized resource library for all your images, audio, video, PDFs, etc. Resources can be reused in any course in your account to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Impress your learners with a sleek look and feel using parallax images and scroll effects

Content Creation

Add a little motion to your screens by offsetting the background image scroll speed in comparison to the page scroll speed. Creating this beautiful parallax effect is easy in Gomo.

Knowledge checks and question interactions

Content Creation

Add knowledge checks to your topics with our library of question interactions. Check a learner’s understanding at the end of each section before they move on to an assessment or quiz.

Get building quickly with Gomo's instinctive Course Wizard

Content Creation

Create the structure of your new course with our three-step wizard to get you up and running quickly.

Trigger events based on user interactions

Content Creation

Trigger events based on user interaction using Gomo’s action library. Showing a sub-screen, linking to an external website, branching to another section of the course, setting a variable and many more actions are available to add depth to your course. Actions can be triggered by button clicks, in-line content links, or key events such as responding to a question.

Tailor the content shown on screen with display conditions

Content Creation

Display conditions allow you to tailor the content shown on screen or even the screen itself, based on one or more conditions being met. You have advanced controls over when content or screens are shown—whether the conditions are based on variables, completion of a prior topic, device type, or many more options.

Present your content as a storyboard with our filmstrip asset

Content Creation

The Filmstrip asset gives you a vertical layout for text and image content sequences, so you can present your content as a storyboard

The hottext asset makes clickable text lists more interesting

Content Creation

The hottext asset gives you a clickable text list that links items to subscreens

5 ways to make your learning program work

Visual Design

An interactive guide to making your learning program work, built entirely in Gomo.