A laptop, mobile phone and digital tablet demonstrating a responsive course

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model which makes it easier and simpler to access and work with systems. SaaS is a branch of cloud computing, the technology that allows us to store and access data remotely through the web. gomo is SaaS-based, which means that our users don’t need to download and install software. Instead, users can access the full gomo learning suite via an Internet browser. Simply login to begin creating, distributing and hosting custom eLearning content.

The benefits of a SaaS include:

Time saving

Using a SaaS-based authoring tool like gomo means you cut back on time that would typically be needed to download, install and maintain a desktop authoring tool. You can get going with gomo instantly by heading to your browser and using your login credentials. It’s easy to set up and you won’t need the help of your IT team. Even software updates are automatically taken care of by gomo.


All of the great benefits of being cloud-based are present in SaaS, including the ability to work collaboratively. Teams have the ability to work together on a project through live course creation, sharing and reviewing, with an option to give feedback too. This collaborative approach to eLearning design applies even if they’re working in different locations – because content is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed on any device, anywhere in the world. Two heads are better than one and by using gomo, your team can combine creative ideas to produce the best courses possible, through cloud-based collaboration.


With software being hosted in the cloud, your team is free to work in any location with an Internet connection and on any device, whether that’s using the office laptop, a tablet or their personal smartphone. By simply logging into their gomo account, all saved courses will be available to them to continue working on or make improvements to.

Saving you money

Using a SaaS-based authoring tool like gomo works out cheaper for a variety of reasons. It’s subscription-based, so you have control over how long you want to use the product for. There are different contract options ranging from monthly to yearly. This can be useful if you only have a once-off eLearning requirement or need to produce eLearning courses during different seasons. You can cancel at the end of the period, so it’s less of a commitment than paying a large one-off cost to have a traditional authoring tool installed. Also, you don’t need to pay external contractors to maintain the system or troubleshoot any issues, as gomo will take care of this for you as part of your subscription.

Shared resources

With gomo being hosted in the cloud, all users have access to all your course resources such as images, videos, themes and more. No more files stuck on someone’s laptop. Teams can share resources, content templates and variables across projects and also review notes and entire courses – all in one place.


Another benefit of using a cloud-based SaaS tool like gomo is knowing that the courses you’ve worked on will be automatically saved, so you’ll never lose any of your hard work. Backups are always created in the cloud and all work is stored remotely. This also saves device storage space, which is often limited.

If you’d like to give gomo a try, then why not sign up for a free 21-day trial today?