gomo Video lets you create, record, repurpose, enhance, caption, translate, track and deliver video learning content with speed and confidence. Lengthy, dull learning is now a thing of the past. Create eLearning videos in minutes and share them instantly via our secure cloud platform.

A screenshot of gomo video which shows the social aspect of video learning

The features of gomo Video:

Video Design: Upload, Create and Reinvent

Make eLearning videos as you need them, from any device and directly within gomo’s intuitive video platform. Use built-in collaboration, social features, automatic captions, automatic translations, screen capture, and more to make your existing videos vibrant and reusable. Or have subject matter experts and employees create new content simply by turning on a webcam. Reach all demographics within your organization with learning experiences that include verbal, visual and audio assets. Automatic caption generation and translation allows you to roll out software simulations to a global audience instantly. Plus, with gomo’s screen capturing technology you can rapidly deliver software training.

  • Automatic closed captions and automatic caption translations (while these services are highly accurate, any required corrections can easily be made using gomo’s caption editor.)
  • User-generated eLearning videos
  • Revitalized communications with dynamic video capability
  • Keep up with the rapid pace of change
  • In-video commenting with timestamps

Video Management: Libraries, Playlists, and More

Whether it’s video, PowerPoint, audio files, recorded meetings or PDFs, gomo Video allows you to upload almost any file type into one place. A shared library of videos, audio files, recorded meetings and more is just a drag and drop away. Get creative repurposing, enhancing and delivering content with speed and confidence. Add voice, screen captures, slides, tags, links and voice-to-text to make them better—fast! Build playlists and “favorite” your best content. Plus, use our built-in permissions and security features to maintain as much or as little control as your company culture mandates.

  • Any file type — even courses and videos created through other sources
  • Container-style system to organize content by type, topic or other criteria
  • Playlists, subscriptions, tags and chaptering
  • Voice-to-text captioning to make every video searchable to the spoken word
  • Automatic translation of captions to over 100 languages

Video Delivery: Meeting the Learners Where They Are

However you choose to send your content and wherever you want it to go, gomo Video can help. We support SCORM packages for your LMS, xAPI, direct email, direct links, embed codes and more. Seamlessly integrate with technologies you’re already using, such as your LMS, CRM, social media sites and SharePoint. Integrate your videos straight into your gomo projects to provide a full learner experience.

No matter where your video is hosted, gomo Video puts your content creators in touch with your learners. Through in-video commenting and alerts, your SMEs and learners can discuss content asynchronously and those conversions are stored in the video to enrich future experiences. Plus, all of the activity is tracked and analyzed.

  • Deliver eLearning videos rapidly
  • Foster in-video conversations asynchronously
  • Drive retention and engagement
  • Provide powerful reports

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